Thursday, January 31st 2013

Zalman Announces a Fleet of New Gaming Mice, Mousepads

Korean peripherals maker Zalman rolled out a fleet of new gaming mice and mousepads. Among the mice are the ZM-GM1 flagship mouse, ZM-M400, and the ambidextrous claw-grip oriented ZM-M250; and among the mousepads are the ZM-MP series. The ZM-GM1 is an ambidextrous-looking (yet right-oriented mouse for palm-grips. Measuring 125 x 84 x 38 mm, its dry weight is about 85 g. Featuring a silver+black body with steel highlights, the mouse provides five buttons, excluding on-the-fly resolution adjustments. Under the hood is an Avago 9500 optical sensor, with 6,000 dpi resolution, and 12,000 FPS reporting rate. In addition to an illuminated logo and parts surrounding its scrollwheel, the mouse lights up along the contours of its thumb-rest.

Moving on, the the ZM-M400 features a right-oriented design unlike the ZM-GM1, measuring 112 x 82 x 40 mm and a fixed 129 g weight, but its looks could be deceptive by today's standards. It packs a light 1,600 dpi sensor, which doesn't get close to anything Avago. The last of the three mice is the ZM-M250, which features a glossy, ambidextrous shape, a total of three buttons, measurements of 119 x 64 x 34 mm, weighing 81 g, the same 1,600 dpi sensor as the ZM-M400. Its top features a groovy circuit board pattern.
Lastly, there's the ZM-MP line of fabric mousepads designed to strike a balance between speed and control. Among its members are the ZM-MP500, which measures 280 x 230 mm with 3 mm thickness; and the ZM-MP1000, which measures 400 x 300 mm. It features a polyester fabric surface, and rubberized bottom. The three mice and two mousepads are expected to be out in February. Source: Hermitage Akihabara
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8 Comments on Zalman Announces a Fleet of New Gaming Mice, Mousepads

~Technological Technocrat~
I dont particularly like the look of the LEDs on the first mouse.
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Hmm those mouse pads.. Mutters something about apple... Nah, they wouldn't.
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these look perfect for me. I love the feel and grip of the gigabyte M6800 but it just didn't perform. These look like the same shape, size and feel. Take my monies zalman!!
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.....don't know why.....I like Zalman....using one of their mouses right now on the boy's pc and this back up system im on right now
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Hate the backlit "GAMING" at the rear.. makes it look cheap
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Bjorn_Of_Iceland said:
Hate the backlit "GAMING" at the rear.. makes it look cheap
yeah its like <7$ mouse :D
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TPU addict
micropage7 said:
yeah its like <7$ mouse :D
maybe you can turn it off like you can do with some others. I like the ZM-GM1 although i wounder if it would last me though most quit with in a year.

As for the mouse mat i'll stick with my trusty Glass Steelseries..
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