Thursday, March 7th 2013

MSI Shows Off Trio of Gaming Series Motherboards

It turns out that MSI's Gaming Series begins with not just the Z77A-GD65 Gaming, but two other models; the Z77A-G43 Gaming, and Z77A-G45 Gaming. Like the Z77A-GD65 Gaming, the other two are nearly identical to their originals, except for a few differences: Killer E2200 low-latency network interfaces, Creative Sound Blaster Cinema audio, fancy VRM heatsinks with dragon head-shaped fins, themed PCH heatsinks, Gaming Series branding on the POST screen and a themed UEFI BIOS interface. With Z87-based LGA1150 motherboards being just three months away, MSI could rush these motherboards into the market.
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This is such a step up from the silly bullets theme, this is actually cool.

Good job MSI, do this on Haswell-E and you have a customer.

Also inb4 rage at not double, but triple PCI slot on one board.
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looks very nice can't wait to see how the full production ones turn out. hopefully a nice black PCB.
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Looks pretty decent, but having Killer NICs and Creative Soundblaster is going to drive up the price.

Creative isn't that big of a deal anymore, and the Intel NICs that MSI has been using have been rock solid.
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I dont understand why MSI is launching Z77 based motherboards now. :shadedshu
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Also inb4 rage at not double, but triple PCI slot on one board.
Eh? That board deserves nothing less than our utmost admiration! Like a soldier throwing themselves upon a grenade to save their unit, that board took the full brunt of having three PCI slots so the other two may live better lives.

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When is MSI going to start making gaming sata cables or gaming fans? :laugh:
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TheGoat Eater
I think I know someone who may be trying these out sooner than later... :/
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God damn it, will AMD release an PCEe 3.0 chipset already... so we can see enthusiast AM3+. Vishera 2.0 might not seem much, but compared to Haswell's lackluster leaked performance and increased TDP, it could mean a world of change. Not to mention the Steamroler FXs (presumebly) in Q1 2014.

^ Because I'd love to see MSI (and any other serious board makers) make a gamer "grade" board like these for AMD...
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