Tuesday, June 4th 2013

In Win Also Shows Off KingSize H-Frame Case

The original H-Frame won In Win quite some praise for ingenuity, but left enthusiasts asking for something similar-looking and bigger. The company responded with the new KingSize H-Frame, on display at Computex. Pictured below next to the original, the KingSize H-Frame is an ATX full-tower that supports large motherboards, in the EATX, HPTX, XL-ATX, SSI-EEB, SSI-CEB, form-factors, apart from the common ATX. Much like the original, its design revolves around stacks of metal rings working as framework for the rest of the case, only this time they protrude out of the front sheet in a jagged pattern. In Win also replaced the brushed aluminum side panels with the same tempered, mirror-finish glass as the tòu.

The KingSize H-Frame offers a 5.25-inch drive bay that's slanted, an internal drive cage that can be configured to offer six 3.5-inch bays, or a combination of four 3.5-inch and two 2.5-inch bays. All bays feature SATA back-planes, letting you slot in and out drives easily. Being an HPTX-supporting case, it features 11 expansion slot bays. The front-panel is particularly interesting, with eight USB 3.0 ports (six on the front, two on the top, all with standard headers), HD audio jacks, and a 3.5-inch hot-plug SATA bay. The motherboard tray gives you enough room for graphics cards up to 42 cm long. Cards such as the Radeon HD 7990 should comfortably fit in, with room to spare. On the cooling front, the KingSize H-Frame offers two 140 mm front intakes, a 140 mm rear exhaust, and two 140 mm bottom intakes that can make room for a 280 x 140 mm radiator.
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MxPhenom 216, post: 2915189"
Holy USB batman.
Hahahaha! Wow!
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The Watchful Moderator
I have to praise In Win for at least thinking outside of the box when it comes to new cases:)
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I mean it's cool and all, but I would not buy that. :laugh:
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Resident Wat-man
ZetZet, post: 2915276"
I mean it's cool and all, but I would not buy that. :laugh:
Make it smaller for ITX boards and you might get me to invest in something small with that kind of design. Maybe for a HTPC or something like that but not something this big.

All those USB ports is pretty nifty though. 2 never seems like enough. :p
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There is already a sweet sweet Mini H-Frame----
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where the hell are my stars
Why ruin the red/black theme with random yellow parts?
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