Thursday, June 6th 2013

Xigmatek Orthrus is a C-type CPU Cooler of a Different Kind

While Xigmatek's Boreas and Janus are textbook C-type heatsinks, the company let its imagination take a stroll with the new Orthrus (SD1467). The design starts off with a conventional copper base with HDT, and seven 6 mm-thick heat pipes taking flight, the central ones go to a large aluminum fin stack, while the peripheral ones go to a smaller fin stack located below the larger one, and arranged in an incline. The larger one is ventilated by a 25 mm-thick 140 mm PWM fan, which spins around 800 to 1,600 RPM; while the smaller one uses an 80 mm PWM fan, spinning at 2,000 RPM. A black ABS shroud covers the heatsink from the top, so you don't feel like Victor Frankenstein each time you take a peek into your case. The cooler measures 146 x 200 x 165 mm (WxDxH), weighing about 875 g. It can handle thermal loads as high as 180W. All modern CPU socket types are supported.
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3 Comments on Xigmatek Orthrus is a C-type CPU Cooler of a Different Kind

where the hell are my stars
Still 40w shy of the FX9000 :roll:
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looks like a good idear to speed up the air faster when it comes closer to the smaller core :-P

that looks like the future...

i want a cooling tower with 1x140mm and 4x 60x60mm fans on an downblow cooler ^^
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cdawall said:
Still 40w shy of the FX9000 :roll:
Actually the 220w FX-9000 figure may be total power not TDP, which is lower.
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