Friday, June 7th 2013

SilverStone Miniaturizes Raven to Mini-ITX, Gaming Build Worthy

SilverStone unveiled Raven Mini-ITX, a new compact SFF case fit for mini-ITX gaming PC builds. The case feature signature Raven series styling, and bears design elements from its recently launched sibling, the Raven RV-04. The case is designed to look great in both tower-type (vertical) and rack (horizontal) orientations, with its slot-in slimline optical drive bay, discrete-looking air vents, USB and audio jacks.

Internally, the case is nothing short of an engineering marvel, you can install a high-end, dual-slot, full-height graphics card, and a 240 x 120 mm radiator for your liquid cooling loop. It works using a PCI-Express x16 riser that lets you install the graphics card along the plane of the motherboard, with enough room to spare underneath for the radiator. On the storage front, you get a slimline slot-in optical drive bay, and a number of 3.5/2.5-inch drive bays. An SFF PSU bay appears to be located towards the front. The Raven mini-ITX is still under development, SilverStone will formally announce the case later.

Source: Hermitage Akihabara
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Ths case looks very similar to the alienware x51. a case i would LOVE to use for a gaming build. i cant wait until this is released! im pretty sure a lot of other mini itx builders would also love a mini itx gaming case that isnt a cube.
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The case still looks ugly... Raven 01 FTW! :)
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The fullsize Raven cases look ugly, but this one actually isn't half bad. I'd still go with the Fortress or Temjin series, though.
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
Oohh look at that. I like. I like a lot.
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Yeah, no thanks.
Raven series plummeted after the RV01
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........ah....shouldn't they dust or clean these prototype cases before they show them at big events..... and yeah raven 1 ftw all else fail!
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Still convinced they lost their better designers last year or so.
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Only interesting thing here is the fan. Looks like it has the potential to be the only low profile fan that doesn't suck horribly.
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There's nothing clean looking about this case. Love ITX but man... most, if not, all of 'em are butt ugly. #stopmakingindustrialchassis
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I think it looks alright and I like the design, I just might be in the market for this case.
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Kudos to silverstone for taking the Alienware x51 and making it better. Better airflow for the graphics card/cpu, adding support for a radiator and ofc the SFX psu inside the case. The 330w laptop brick + the power board inside the case for a more cost effective solution isn't that great.
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Ugly... but love the concept... will it fit a GTX 780 with a water block? keep a 4770k cool?
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nickbaldwin86 said:
Ugly... but love the concept... will it fit a GTX 780 with a water block? keep a 4770k cool?
Probably. it can fit a corsair h100, so capacity wouldnt be a problem. and, with a waterblock only taking up one slot, you could use full size 120mm fans instead of slim ones.
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Edit: Sorry, same case wrong thread :)
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