Tuesday, July 9th 2013

Cooler Master Announces New G-Series Power Supplies

Cooler Master is proud to announce the new G-Series Power Supplies for ATX-computer systems. This series consists of three models: 500W (G500), 600W (G600) and 700W (G700). The G-series are high efficient because of active PFC and are 80 Plus Bronze certified. These energy-transformers are able to handle big graphic cards and the latest processors on the market (Haswell), because of the single 12V rail topology with high DC out support up to 55A/660W (G700).

The intelligent speed control of the 120mm fan prevents noise during workload and also prevents overheating of the PSU. Until 70% load conditions the fan will work in silent mode to prevent extra noise. The G-series also provides plenty of connectivity. There are nine SATA connectors (6 for G500/G600) and three Molex connectors available and the G700 even provides multi graphic-card support. Of course all the different models of the G-series come with multiple protections, such as Voltage-Protections, Current-Protections, Short Circuit Protection and Temperature-Protection.
The G-series also come in a special package. For these PSU's Cooler Master decided to "go green" and deliver all models in a package from recycled paper.

The G-series will be available on the market from the beginning of August. Prices might differ per region, but are estimated end user included VAT around €59,95 for the G500, €69,95 for G600 and €79,95 for G700. For more information please consult your local Cooler Master representative.
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Made by Enhance Electronics, double forward + DC-DC, full Teapo loadout, Yate-Loon sleeve-bearing fan; mediocre all-round (regulation, ripple/noise, efficiency, fan noise). Could be a good budget choice, depending on the actual price (these things rarely stay at MSRP levels). I'd say shave the MSRP by 10% and they're competitive.
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This could get confused with the far superior Seasonic G-Series so whoever named it is dumb.
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