Wednesday, July 31st 2013

Core i7-4771 Tested, Performs on Par with i7-4770K

It's not just an unlocked base-clock multiplier that separates the Core i7-4770 from the i7-4770K, but also a lower clock speed. The i7-4770 is clocked at 3.40 GHz, with 3.90 GHz maximum Turbo Boost speeds, while the i7-4770K enjoys a higher 3.50 GHz nominal clock speeds. Intel's new Core i7-4771 brings clock speed parity with the i7-4770K, while still lacking the unlocked multiplier. It's expected to eventually replace the i7-4770 from the product stack. VR-Zone scored a sample, and put it through a short battery of tests, that include 7-Zip, AIDA64 ZLib, and wPrime, screenshots of which are posted below, along with a CPU-Z snap. As expected, these numbers look consistent with those of a Core i7-4770K running at its stock speeds.

Source: VR-Zone
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9 Comments on Core i7-4771 Tested, Performs on Par with i7-4770K

Core i7-4771? Are they out of numbers? ;)
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what? I was gonna ask for a fix for the typo.
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News Editor
Probably costs $10 more
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No silicon is wasted on Intel it seems...
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TPU addict
Now release what is should of been in the 1st place. A Core i7-4770k with a soldered lid
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Give me some wattage instead - give me the FX-9590 :roll:
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That is all.
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