Wednesday, August 14th 2013

MyDigitalSSD Announces Super Cache 2 mSATA SSD with HybriDisk Cache Software

MyDigitalSSD delivers where others cannot-Our all-new Super Cache 2 SSD is the world's fastest low density Cache Drive and/or Boot Drive that delivers up to a 50X boost in performance over a standalone HDDstarting at less than the cost of a couple of Blu-Rays. Get a 24GB for $39.99, 32GB for $42.99, 64GB for $62.99, or 128GB for $99.99.

For more details, including real-world benchmark testing using a Lenovo ThinkPad X220, visit this page. Super Cache 2 SSDs are now currently available for preorder here.
Features include:
  • The brand new PHISONS9 controller delivers high speed at lower density with a 24GB-128GB sweet spot.
  • Toshiba original 19 nm Toggle (Sync) MLC NAND Flash for transferspeeds up to 550 MB/s.
  • A FREE license code for FNet HybriDisk caching software is included with each Super Cache 2 drive - a quick and easy-to-use program to setup a cache drive in minutes.
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4 Comments on MyDigitalSSD Announces Super Cache 2 mSATA SSD with HybriDisk Cache Software

ya 550 read.which is great!.. what is the write? 180? the write speed on these is still SLOOOW
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Sustained read/write not the point

Although the sustained speeds are nothing to scoff at and are the best in class BY FAR for this density the sustained read and write speed is nearly pointless to discuss as this product will never and is not intended to be used for large file transfers (USB Drive). This drive excels in small file access r/w time. In-particularly all the small 4K files that make up a program or OS. This product absolutely screams for the purpose of a cache drive or boot drive. In fact there is nothing in this form factor faster (that we know of) in these densities especially the 24GB-64GB range.

For example in this benchmark test of a Sandforce based 30GB mSATA you can see that it only achieves 200/50MB/sec R/W while our 32GB drive can perform at 470/200MB/sec R/W in the same benchmarking test.

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MyDigitalSSD said:
MyDigitalSSD Answer
I think the problem is with your "pressrelease" stating it is a cache ssd or/and/both at the same time?

i am familliar with the sandisk "solution" which is the same used by lenovo and some of their mpcie ssds both 32GB drives are normal ssd which are used by a propritary software to cache software and os but it doesn't boost boot performance as it kicks in after boot as far as i have seen and tested it....

does your product add a boost to the boot time as well, after bios run down it should boost windows load times as well?
Linux support, well ubuntu would be fine?

Based from the looks it does use a true pci-e lane instead of the (asus ee pc style) mpcie sata connection or usb which is present in that socket right?
Can i use it inside my desktop aswell if i use an pci-e x4 to m-pci adapter?
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It is a standard mSATA SSD form factor not pic-e SSD. It is a full fledged SSD. The reason your Sandisk mSATA SSD cache drive does not make your computer faster is because it is in fact slower than your HDD. Until now most low density 24gb-64gb SSDs have been dog slow so it is a great upgrade for any computer that came with one of those. This will make your computer noticeably faster as a cache drive or stand alone SSD guaranteed. Once you plug her in you will never go back to an HDD only setup. You can load any OS you like on this. Also it is compatible with most desktop, notebook and tablet computers as it seems nearly 80-90% of them released in the past year or more have mSATA slots onboard. If you don't have an mSATA slot then we do have mSATA to SATA adapters available.

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