Friday, August 23rd 2013

Cooler Master Announces Cosmos SE PC Chassis

Cooler Master, and its team, will be descending upon Gamescom, a trade fair for video games held annually at the Hoelnmesse in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The Cooler Master booth at Gamescom will be showcasing the long overdue update to Cooler Master Cosmos S case series, the Cosmos SE. Visit Cooler Master's Team in hall 8 - B065 to catch a glimpse of the latest Cosmos S Series case, Cosmos SE. This new pure black case takes the essence of the Cosmos S and shrinks it to a more compact mid-tower design.

It does so while implementing new and innovative cooling and modularity. The Cosmos SE features many fully modular features. One of which includes front HDD bays that, when removed, give space for installing up to a 360 mm radiator in the front of the case. A 240mm radiator is also supported in the top of the case, if desired. Managing cables is surprisingly easy despite the smaller mid-tower size; this is due to a wider and smaller chassis design. Staying true to the Cosmos namesake, Cosmos SE features pure aluminum handles constructed from solid aluminum.
In addition, Cooler Master will be showcasing our full range of mechanical keyboards, and many other award-winning chassis, power supplies, and peripherals.
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9 Comments on Cooler Master Announces Cosmos SE PC Chassis

don't they have a HAF Stacker coming soon? cant wait to see what CM does new with their HAF series.
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Only 240 on top? I am pretty sure enthusiasts using this case will welcome 360 on top, sacrificing top 5.25".
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FourstaffOnly 240 on top? I am pretty sure enthusiasts using this case will welcome 360 on top, sacrificing top 5.25".
I had to modify my Cosmos II to fit a 360MM rad. Shame on CM
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looks like i have to keep saving for the cosmos 2 lol
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I'm the only one
IMO, I'm starting to think the Cosmos horse has been flogged enough now, maybe time for something new?
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900D, stuff from case-labs. Honestly, much better stuff than the CM cosmos's
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Awesome. I love this case, it's perfect for my next build. :cool:
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ensabrenoir that a WINDOW.....oh wait this is a S ...not a Cosmos 2
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Mid-tower? I was hoping they would release a mid-tower Cosmos Pure many moons ago.
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