Friday, August 30th 2013

Bitspower Also Releases Their New Full Cover TITAN Waterblocks

These new full cover blocks from Bitspower, designed for the GeForce GTX TITAN, do arrive six months late to the party, the time period from NVIDIA's official TITAN launch, an interval in which every single competitor that planed to launch a TITAN water block did it already. In fact there are plenty of TITAN water blocks from a variety of vendors, populating the shelves of specialized shops, while the Bitspower blocks still haven't reached retail. Which does make one wonder, more so after the Bitspower AIZ77ITXD launch (a new water block designed for a previous generation Motherboard), is being consistently late to market a question of policy, or maybe style?

The Bitspower VG-NGTXTITAN full cover block comes in no less that eight variants, all differences between them being solely chromatic. The design of the block is fairly uncluttered without being plain, it features the Bitspower tribal logo and the product code, in contrasting colors, on the acrylic top cover. The base plate comes in two versions, copper or nickel plated, and is made from C1100 Copper.
Product Features:
  • Design For Nvidia GTX TITAN (P2083) Reference Design VGA Card.
  • Unibody Style Construction Design. (U.S.C.)
  • Direct-Flow Design On Inlet/Outlet.
  • TOP Cover Made Of Acrylic.
  • Block Base Made Of C1100.
  • Clear With Black Printing Panel Fixed.
  • RoHS Compliant.
Also included in the product package:
  • Arctic Silver Matrix 2.5G X 1.
  • Fujipoly Thermal PAD Included. (Please Reference The Installation Guide.)
  • BP-WTP-C06 Silver Shining Stop Fitting x 2PCS.
  • Backup O-Ring For VG-NGTXTITAN x 1Set.
  • Mounting Screws/Accessories -EZ-PLUG Mounting Ready Now.
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4 Comments on Bitspower Also Releases Their New Full Cover TITAN Waterblocks

Oh come on, this looks so awesome and i JUST BOUGHT mine :<
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News Editor
RCoonOh come on, this looks so awesome and i JUST BOUGHT mine :<

I was this close from garnishing the post with a paraphrase of Quentin Crisp's famous quote:" If at first you don't succeed, failure may be your style."
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Nice job coper is thick in not intrusive and easily breakable spacers!
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May 28th, 2022 11:12 EDT change timezone

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