Friday, August 31st 2012

Brace for Cylons, In Win Tòu Inbound

Initially displayed at Computex this year, In Win's latest marvel bares the name Tòu, which in Mandarin Chinese stands for transparency, or the phenomenon of light passing through a non opaque medium. A concept which In Win's designers managed to beautifully and successfully evoke with their latest creation. The Tòu employs two distinct and interestingly married materials in its construction. The case panels are made of tough, 3mm thick tempered glass, which achieves mirror like properties after receiving a special, transparent coating. While the frame is made of 2-4mm think aluminium, which is manufactured through a labor intensive process known as Sand Casting, which employs sand molds to produce the intricate shapes displayed by this design.

The Tòu is a full tower chassis, with seven PCI slots, supporting ATX motherboards and smaller form factors (mATX & mITX). It can accommodate four 120mm fans, one frontal intake and three top exhaust fans, where there is also sufficient space for a large 360mm radiator. Aside from the On/Off function, the touch controlled front panel also allows the used to cycle through the integrated fan controller speed steps and to adjust the lighting level inside the case. When the system is turned Off and no lights are On inside the case, the Tòu becomes completely opaque and all the panels become highly reflective, mirrors essentially. But when the system is On and so are the lights inside the case, the panels become transparent and the internals visible, an uncomplicated yet striking visual effect.
General speciications:
  • Metal Structure: 2~4mm Aluminum
  • Case Panels: 3mm Tempered Glass
  • External Drive Bay: 5.25 " x 1
  • Internal Drive Bay: 2.5" x2 and 3.5" x 3
  • M/B Form Factor: ATX and smaller
  • Power Supply: ATX 12V, PSII Size (Up to 220mm)
  • I/O Port: USB 3.0 x 2, HD Audio
  • I/O Expansion Slot: PCI-E/PCI/AGP Slot x 7
  • Graphic Card Size: Up to 380mm
  • Thermal Solution: 120mm Top Fan x 3 and 120mm Front Fan x 1
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26 Comments on Brace for Cylons, In Win Tòu Inbound

God, that is one ugly case.

But i'm sure many people actually like it, right?
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Looks good!

That's a really cool case! I like the angled front and sides, and the semi-reflective plate glass is great. I saw a similar scratch-build by a modder on Bit-Tech a while back. I don't remember who. I guess the only part I'm not a huge fan of is the grill on the top, but that's probably fixable.
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Dj-ElectriC said:
God, that is one ugly case.

But i'm sure many people actually like it, right?
The shape is typical In-Win, but I think the effect is immensely cool.
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TPU addict
Dj-ElectriC said:
God, that is one ugly case.

But i'm sure many people actually like it, right?
It's different and it's good for that but it be a hell of a finger magnet lol.

And no i would not get one as it's not my taste how ever i can see why people would, i am guessing it not that cheap with all that glass but it looks much better than most cases i see posted on here with their cheap ol plastic.
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Normally I would be :eek:
But I have a tempered glass Z desk, and it would look so sick with a system case like that tucked in under it :toast:

I always classed inwin as the super cheapy sort of brand, this changes my impression, slightly.
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Nice concept, love the touch buttons but could look better
still i'd love to have one
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qwerty_lesh said:
Normally I would be :eek:
But I have a tempered glass Z desk, and it would look so sick with a system case like that tucked in under it :toast:

I always classed inwin as the super cheapy sort of brand, this changes my impression, slightly.
Me too, but the last 2 years changed my opinion entirely. They have some pretty good stuff. Sadly, they are not available at home at all, except for the lower-end stuff. I wish more asian companies have presence in Europe in general.
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I have a psu from in win so far so good.

Their cases including the one in this thread are in my opinion ugly.

Glass case, touch buttons, great. But that one is ugly lol.
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.................totally awesome..... I'm impressed In win... keep up the good work.
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from an architect's point of view, this case is absolutely beautiful!!
even gives me new ideas about my next architectural design concept.
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Looks great but then again the downfall of these cases are their insane price tags :/
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All of the panels are made of tempered glass? That thing must weigh a fricken' ton.
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Sp33d Junki3
This is a gorgeous case. Good this has handles to carry.
In Win has cleaver ideas for cases.

3mm tempered wont weight that much. I have 3x 8mm tempered glass shelves 52x20", those weight a lot.
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Moderator & WCG-TPU Captain
Nice case but I don't see Cylon when I look at it... I see this:

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I respect InWin for what they do. No one else has the courage to do something new. Most other case manufacturers bore us with the same **** over and over again.

I wish InWin would also make an aluminium case with a more simple and plain design, but with the same material quality as the H-Frame. Not like Lian Li, with their 1 mm thin walls... seriously.

More quality, less features.
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I do believe this is the prettiest case ive seen in a while! It just looks so clean
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Fierce Guppy
I like the facade but why have the USB/audio panel at the bottom of the case? The case is a full tower case so it's most likely going sit on the floor. Any attached USB/audio plugs can be accidentally kicked and damaged along with the sockets. The most safe and convenient place to put it is on the top.
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A feast for the eyes. Frst loock inpressive !:D .Design is nice ,stell we wish to hew som lite changes.som of us wish for mor liquide coolers to be fitted :( underside hew som space and no holes .HOLES yes to beeg for dust and no filtrs .you hew to buy them not to menshn som HOLES on polythene mostly on the bottom wich will suck dust .USB to be easily accessible -Only role and cables should not be in the way.of course this is not the first of the aluminum boxes which produces a Win highlighting good beautiful design and lack of reality !
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I love the concept, but think the actual design is ugly. Something like the NZXT Source 210 or Fractal Design Define R4 made with the same materials would blow my mind.
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I thought this was kind of cool and would be fun to mod but then thought: 1 front fan, 3 top fans, tempered glass. Maybe there's something I'm missing but this just looks like a furnace to me.
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Personally I like it. But wish it was bigger than ATX form factor. In Win should have gone all out and made it big enough for XL or at least E-ATX form factors.:slap: But all in all I like the overall concept of design. Would have loved to have seen Danger Den pull this off back in the day.:toast:
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I wish they'd just remove these chinese Letters and Symbols on the bottom front. Too chinese for my taste.

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