Monday, September 9th 2013

Wilocity and DisplayLink Demo World's First Wireless 4K Graphics and Video

Wilocity, a leading developer of 60 GHz multi-gigabit wireless chipsets, and DisplayLink, the leading provider of USB graphics technology, today announced the industry's first demonstration of WiGig-enabled 4K graphics and video. The demonstration features a Wilocity-powered WiGig integrated notebook and a WiGig docking station -- the latter also integrates the latest 4K capable chipset from DisplayLink -- connected to a 4K resolution monitor, which is more than four times higher resolution than 1080p full HD resolution.

The demonstration is being showcased September 10-12 at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco at the DisplayLink booth and in parallel at Wi-Fi Alliance industry events in Beijing, Seoul, Taiwan and Tokyo.

"Our partnership with DisplayLink to demonstrate wireless 4K graphics and video marks a significant industry milestone, as we are showcasing the ability of WiGig to offer capabilities previously exclusive to wired technologies," said Jorge Myszne, vice president of products and sales at Wilocity. "It's an exciting time for Wilocity, as the industry's first WiGig-enabled products began shipping last February, new platforms launched this summer, and we are now showcasing new, cutting-edge use cases. We look forward to more exciting firsts to come."

Wilocity's tri-band Wi-Fi solution enables users to achieve superior connectivity to displays, networks and other peripherals, and allows for future upgradeability to the newest video innovations, without tying the WiGig solution to a specific video resolution. WiGig also allows for highly directional connectivity, at rates up to 7 Gbps in the 60 GHz band, avoiding the interference and congestion that exists in the legacy, 2.4 / 5 GHz bands, resulting in unparalleled wireless performance.

"We're excited to demonstrate our new 4K capable chipset," said John Cummins, vice president of sales and marketing at DisplayLink. "This industry first chipset enables business users to view and work on documents, charts and statistical data in stunning detail utilizing the full 4K resolution available with the latest monitors and televisions. Combined with 802.11ad wireless solutions from Wilocity, connectivity is taken to a whole new level, which we're very happy to demonstrate at the forthcoming IDF 2013 in San Francisco and Wi-Fi Alliance press events in Beijing, Seoul, Taiwan and Tokyo."

DisplayLink graphics solutions deliver low-latency pixel perfect graphics over standard wired and wireless links like USB, WiGig and Ethernet. The perfect solution for BYOD environments, DisplayLink supports both Windows and Mac OS, and its solutions are offered in products by most major PC and PC accessory suppliers to enterprise and commercial users worldwide.
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