Tuesday, September 10th 2013

AVADirect Introduces Custom Configurations Featuring Intel's Ivy Bridge-E Chips

AVADirect, a leading custom computer builder, announces remarkably-refreshed desktop configurations featuring the new Ivy Bridge-E architecture by Intel. Based off of the previous Socket 2011 design, Intel's Ivy Bridge-E processors are the new "tock" technology intended to revamp the X79 chipset by providing fresh, new performance processors to enthusiasts and professionals. By continuing to support up to 40 lanes of PCI-E 3.0 bandwidth, 4-channel Non-ECC memory, and unlocked processor options, Intel (as always) wants to give end-users a chance to upgrade their arsenal; if the launch of 2012's Sandy Bridge-E processors were missed by those reluctant to hold off for the next Intel product release, now is the time!

While the socket 2011 processor SKUs continue to hold a crown to competitor solutions, the Ivy Bridge-E processors are now the perfect choice for high-end gaming (beneficial for SLI/Crossfire configurations) or competent workstation-related tasks. Gamers and professionals now share a common bond: to consider Intel's Ivy Bridge-E line-up, offering more PCI-E bandwidth than most motherboard's can handle. In an industry separated choice, Intel has accomplished a way of unifying end-users, which is exactly why Intel and AVADirect remain Platinum Partners, sharing in that goal.
Different than the launch of Sandy Bridge-E processors, Intel will roll out six-core-only processors; all with capable hyper threading, to provide an overall total of 12 threads. Intel plans to release quad-core Ivy-Bridge-E CPU(s) at a later date, and only time will tell what will be brought to the market. For now, end-users can expect the following options:
  • i7-4960X Extreme Six-Core, 3.6 - 4.0GHz TB, LGA2011, 15MB L3 Cache, HT EM64T EIST VT-x VT-d XD, DDR3-1866, 22nm, 130W
  • i7-4930K Six-Core, 3.4 - 3.9GHz TB, LGA2011, 12MB L3 Cache, HT EM64T EIST VT-x VT-d XD, DDR3-1866, 22nm, 130W
  • i7-4820K Six-Core, 3.4 - 3.9GHz TB, LGA2011, 10MB L3 Cache, HT EM64T EIST VT-x VT-d XD, DDR3-1866, 22nm, 130W
By reviewing these specifications, it can be noted that there are changes to the die size (22nm vs. 32nm) which results in lesser heat-generation via lesser power required for the Ivy Bridge-E processors to function (130w vs. 150w ), making it easier to provide adequate cooling solutions. Cache levels remain relatively the same, while clock speeds and memory bandwidth receive a slight push. Overall, the Ivy Bridge-E processors will provide an additional 10% of performance, over Sandy Bridge-E, and roughly 15-20% over the socket 1155/1150 series processors. More importantly, unlocked, extreme series processors are present once again. This gives enthusiasts the glowing chance to push Intel's processors beyond barriers yet to be explored. Coupled with AVADirect's Custom Liquid Cooling PCs, Ivy Bridge-E processors can expect extreme overclock results of up to (not limited to, depending on the processor received) 30%. Reduced temperature output also aids AVADirect's goal to provide the most quiet, high-end workstations available today; the utilization of various low-noise cooling solutions is a perfect combination with Intel's Ivy Bridge-E processors.

As history proves repeatedly, AVADirect will advantageously implement Intel's latest processors into innovative new configurations. End-users can expect to receive the benefits of AVADirect's new Ivy Bridge-E solutions through desktop, workstation, mini-PC, notebook, and various small form-factor configurations, prominently displayed on AVADirect.com. The most astonishingly enticing factor of AVADirect's business model is transparency. By that meaning, enthusiasts and professionals know exactly what to expect out of their purchased AVADirect systems. The upfront approach to AVADirect's webpage is a value that competitors are unable to match. Component brands, specifications, and pricing can all be found and researched by all end-users, creating a genuine sense of honesty; important to anyone investing in a custom-built system with confidence. AVADirect will continue to create ground-breaking products, power by Intel's Ivy Bridge-E processors, and will release additional information as AVADirect.com is updated with exciting new builds.
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