Thursday, September 12th 2013

SteelSeries Siberia Elite Headset Gone Hands-on

At IFA 2013, we caught up with SteelSeries' recently launched Sibera Elite headset, and it blew our minds. Sibera Elite is successor to what is probably the most popular gaming headset, and made the most variants out of. To begin with, it gives you three ways to connect it, to three kinds of devices. The headset features a single 3.5 mm jack for both the headphones and mic, letting you plug it into your smartphone, and use both components. An analog Y-splitter splits that jack into separate 3.5 mm headphones and mic jacks, to connect to PCs analog. If you find your PC's integrated audio to sound only marginally better than a greeting card, you can use the included USB sound card, which is perfectly tuned for the headset. The headset ships with flat cables that don't entangle as easily as round ones. The faux-leather cushioned headset cups wrap around the ears comfortably, and offer a reasonable amount of passive ambient noise reduction. The headband is more flexible than typical Sibera, and shouldn't press too hard against your head. Audio quality when plugged into an iPhone was decent.
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How much ??? I like the fact it has it own sound card and any chance will it do gaming and chat with it ,I`m looking for a set that will,I have been using no mic as the hdmi from gpu to A/V receiver does not allow that,With these i could just plug them to the usb setup the sound card that is built in mic and headphone for night owl gaming.:toast:

Smack himself in head and Homer DHO!!! I clicked the link and $199 is pretty good for what you get that's like $50 for headset and $50 for audio card.
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I don't know about the audio quality, but I am worried about comfortability. My roomate has Syberia V1 and I tried them and it hurts a lot- I have big ears and they press my outer-ear to the skull causing me pain after no more than 30 min of use. The 2nd version looks better on pictures, but I haven't tried it live. This one looks much like the 1st, but until I give it a shot I can't say. Other than that I guess they have their selling points. After all this is one of their most popular products- there is a reason to be so.
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