Thursday, September 19th 2013

Genius Launches Energy Mouse Wireless

Genius introduces its new innovative Energy Mouse, that combines a power bank function with a mouse. It's perfect for charging the Smartphone anytime and anywhere. The energy mouse combines a 1200 dpi mouse with a 2700 mAh power bank feature, bringing the best of both worlds. Embedded in the mouse is a Li-polymer battery for excellent charge control and four LED Lights to indicate battery capacity as well as charging status. A special battery reserve feature is dedicated just for mouse operation so there is no need to worry about the power bank using up the battery. The bidirectional 2.4GHz anti-interference technology ensures a reliable working distance of up to 10 meters. One can enjoy responsive cursor control and effortless scrolling.
The Two in one function saves travel storage space making Energy mouse the mouse of choice when one is on the go. Choose from four stand out colors- metallic Blue, Metallic Red, Silver and Pink. The Genius Energy mouse is available at the price of USD 29.9 and comes with the warranty of 1 year.

Product features
  • Power Bank function for smart phone with Micro USB cable
  • Build in 2700 mAh lithium polymer battery functions as a power bank
  • Four led lights indicate battery capacity as well as charging status
  • Reserve battery power for mouse operation two in one function saves travel storage space
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4 Comments on Genius Launches Energy Mouse Wireless

Fishfaced Nincompoop
...okay. I wonder if there's an actual market for this. Pretty neat I guess anyway.
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seems pretty useless, isn't that why they create tiny battery packs for iphones?
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It makes sense as a travel mouse. If it's as small as most travel mice then it won't be much larger than a dedicated external battery pack and it also functions as a mouse. For people who are on the road a ton it would probably be a great replacement for a regular travel mouse.
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Wow, this actually has quite a lot of juice. Nokia portable cahrger DC-16 is 2200mAh, then DC-18 is 1700 mAh and on the box of this mouse it says 2700 mAh, that's plenty for most of the phones out there. I might actually buy one for my girlfriend if it comes to Europe. 30 bucks in USA is what 30 euros here? (with the taxes and stuff?)
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