Tuesday, September 24th 2013

Cooler Master Announces Availability of Cosmos SE

Cooler Master, a leading creator, innovator and manufacturer of desktop components and more, today proudly launches the newest addition the ultimate line of premium cases, COSMOS SE. Built and inspired by the spirit of the COSMOS and COSMOS II and their supercar design origins, COSMOS SE comes loaded as a more aggressive and more nimble sports car in a decidedly more compact form. Driven by this aesthetic, COSMOS SE features the trademark curved aluminum handles and sleek outer exterior that fans have come to love. Its divergent styling comes from a more forceful, road hugging, and compact sports car feel.

Contained within the desirable exterior of the COSMOS SE is the support for truly exceptional system builds. COSMOS SE comes capable of supporting up to 8 fans with four being preinstalled. Two 120mm blue LED fans in the front with LED on/off control, one 140mm fan in the top, and one 120mm fan in the rear to provide strategically placed cooling for all of a user's systems components. Superior liquid cooling support is built in for 120, 240, 280, and 360mm radiators with users being able to install a 120, 280, and a 360mm radiator all at once.
Outstanding Expandability
Users with light to massive storage needs will find their needed balance with support for up to 8 HDDs / 18 SSDs via removable HDD/SSD cages. The COSMOS SE supports multiple high-end graphics cards up to 395mm / 15.5 inches long and even support for tall CPU coolers up to 175mm / 6.9 inches.

Easy to clean, Quick to build
Proper system maintenance and clean cable management make a large difference in system airflow and performance. COSMOS SE ensures that system maintenance will be easy with multiple removable dust filters placed in the top, front, bottom, and side panel. To ensure that system airflow stays optimal, many cable pass-through areas and a large rear cable management space of 34mm are provided to make it easy to route cables in a more efficient manner.

The COSMOS SE will be offered in two models, one with a windowed side panel and one with a solid side panel.

Price in the EU: 159 Euro, including 19% VAT.
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7 Comments on Cooler Master Announces Availability of Cosmos SE

the only problem for me is that this case does not have sufficient depth to support long GPU's without reconfiguring the 3.5in drive bay.
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On the second photo, is that a new ALC by Cooler Master or did I miss something?
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there few things that are confusing to me .
They say there 140mm top fan pre-installed but picks show 2x 120mm? , maybe 140mm .
Also it looks like 3 external bays but when you look at inside to me looks like only 2 places .

Be nice if they gave dimensions of case .
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Pro Indian Modder
Chaitanya said:
the only problem for me is that this case does not have sufficient depth to support long GPU's without reconfiguring the 3.5in drive bay.
doesnt really matter with the shrinking size of gpus these days
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.......nice but no.... my cosmos 2 will be my last cm case unless they release something really,totally beyound awesome. Given the chance today i would pick the 900d over my cosmos 2

......wow this thing suddenly came to an abrupt end.....
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