Wednesday, October 2nd 2013

Aerocool Announcing the Dead Silent Gaming Cube in Six Different Colors

Aerocool Advanced Technologies, one of world's leading manufacturers of excellent gaming PC gear, officially announces the birth of a brand-new product series! Having several great and successful product series for Gamers on the market, Aerocool moves forward to enter the emerging HTPC and Gaming Cube market, by launching the first product of the new "Dead Silent" (DS) Series. Clearly, much market experience and enthusiasm has been invested, in order to create the DS-Cube, which comes with an astonishingly elegant design on the outside and vast possibilities and options for enthusiastic HTPC users and ambitious Gamers on the inside - out of the box!
Tony Lin, CEO of Aerocool Advanced Technologies stated: "Aerocool successfully developed the Gaming PC Chassis market and is now ready to further expand by innovating the small-factor Gaming-Cube market. Our new DS-Cube combines pure elegance with vast features and best usability."
Thanks to the rapid development of technology, more smaller, yet faster PC components are available on the market. Aerocool's DS-Cube, with its elegant appeals and clean design, is the perfect chassis for latest small-form-factor components! Users have the choice between total of six color variations: Starting with the most classical color choices such as completely black and white versions, moving on to more fancy colors, such as gold, orange, red and a black and white mix. But the choice doesn't end here: Users are able to choose between Standard and Window models. Furthermore, each of the models is equipped with a removable and exchangeable top-cover, allowing users to switch between the plain-color version for silence mode and a mesh-design version for improved airflow. Solid SGCC steel with a thickness of 0,8 mm provides the necessary sturdiness and reduces the noise-level. Thanks to its compact size, DS-Cube is the perfect companion to attend LAN-Parties.
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like the orange, but why dont they put some internal or side pics
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micropage7 said:
like the orange, but why dont they put some internal or side pics
+1 on this. would be better if they have a 360 degrees and internal pics
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Dude, but only 1 big drive bay??? I have 3 racks + 1 fan controller. Not good. :(
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I was going to buy a prodigy m, then I saw the Phenom and decided I'd get that instead, then I saw the Xigmatech thingy and changed my mind, now I've seen this I'm really not sure. Think this is the nicest looking one. Would love it in green.
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This is based on Xigmatek Aquila, in case anyone is interested.

Changes include 200mm fan in the front, external 3.5" bay, better positioned I/O with two extra USB 2.0 ports, non-meshed front panel and removed frame/handle thingy.
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Sp33d Junki3
Both have 200mm fan space.
The only difference is the USB2 ports and 2.5" ODD bay.
Outside has a different look, inside is the same.
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