Wednesday, October 16th 2013

BenQ Introduces the EW2740L 27-Inch Monitor

BenQ has today launched the EW2740L, a 27-inch monitor part of the EW40 Series which makes use of a VA panel and allows for 'flawless streaming from any MHL-compatible device. In addition to MHL support, this new display has a Flicker-free backlight that reduces eye fatigue and also features Low Blue Light technology to cut down on blue light exposure and allow for a more comfortable viewing experience.

Spec wise BenQ's monitor offers a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, 300 cd/m2 brightness, a contrast ratio of 3,000:1, a 4 ms GTG response time, plus D-Sub and dual HDMI connectors. The EW2740L is backed by a three-year warranty and has a recommended price tag of €309.
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6 Comments on BenQ Introduces the EW2740L 27-Inch Monitor

Cristian_25H said:
a 27-inch monitor part [...] a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels
My eyes hurt just thinking about it.
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hellrazor said:
My eyes hurt just thinking about it.
Evidently BenQ is tapping into the as-yet-unexploited market of "people who want to see the individual pixels on their monitors".
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Actually 1080p on 27" screen is not that bad. In fact, all the icons, texts and thumbnails are just of the right size in any applications. I sat 70 cm. away from my screen and everything looks great. Beside, gaming on 1080p is optimum and doesn't strain your GPU too much. I tried a 1440p monitor once and don't like it: in-game text are too small, the denser pixels don't look better than 1080p all that much, but the dip in framerate are too obvious.

All in all, let your eyes be the judge.
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27" @ 1080p is do-able but not ideal IMO. 27" is probably the biggest you can get away with 1080, after that 1200 is probably better

the ratio is not that eye friendly to me at least.
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To much butthurt for the 1080p on a 27" monitor. I use a 42" TV for gaming and stuff and is the best thing ever. The bigger the size, the bigger the distance I am staying from the monitor/tv - better for eyes.
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i'm more interested in seeing that VA panels are still being made, there was some other brand a few days ago too

source of interest: i'm on one of benq's VA panels, at the time it was the only option to not settle for TN but also not spend $1,000

but now? what's the point when certain types of IPS are down to $200?
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