Wednesday, October 23rd 2013

ENERMAX CPU Coolers Fully Support the Latest FX AMD Processors

ENERMAX, a preeminent technology innovator in PC peripherals, unveiled all of its CPU coolers series are available for the fastest Piledriver-based FX-9590 and FX-9370 processors introduced by AMD.

"ENERMAX has a long history of delivering innovations to bolster the CPU cooler industry and we are delighted of all our CPU coolers have been passed on stringent test conditions to support the high-end AMD FX processors " said Dr. Eton Lee, ENERMAX thermal R&D Division. "We are proud of this test result as designing cutting-edge technology to the CPU cooler market has long been our core success for decades."
All series of ENERMAX CPU coolers are designed for overclocking and can tolerate with extreme high thermal loads in order to reduce the risk of overheating. Through a number of lab testing and press review, we at ENERMAX, are proud of introducing the latest air and liquid cooling technologies to provide superior cooling performance and optimal thermal transference.

AMD FX Processors General information
ENERMAX CPU Coolers Compatibility List for AMD FX Processors
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3 Comments on ENERMAX CPU Coolers Fully Support the Latest FX AMD Processors

Seems odd that they would just announce support now when the CPUs have been on the market for months already.
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Yes, odd but also looking at that cooler I don't think i would use a 4 heat-pipe cooler on a FX 9xxx especially if I was OC .
looks like a CM 212+ type clone . I don't see how that cooler can handle 220w TDP , unless pic is wrong .

Edit: ok, looked up spec's it HS is bigger than 212 but it still 4x 6mm pipes only . Thickness is 70mm verse 50mm for many 4 pipe HS like 212's .
Still don't think it be good idea on 95xx
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The PC market is really hurting for sales with the U.S., Asian and European economies in the toilet. Virtually all PC companies are routinely sending out PRs to get consumer attention and some added sales. It works.

Enermax's products however have never been at the top of the list of desirable PC hardware, IMO. Virtually any cooler that fit the std. FX processor also fits the FX-9xxx series but it doesn't mean that it actually has sufficient cooling capabilities as the 220w CPUs need a lot of cooling.
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