Monday, November 4th 2013

Meru Networks Announces General Availability of AP832 802.11ac Access Points

Meru Networks, a leader in Wi-Fi networking, today announced Wi-Fi Alliance certification and general availability (GA) of the AP832, the Wi-Fi industry's fastest access point. The AP832 features a dual radio 802.11ac design delivering up to three times the performance of 802.11n access points. Unlike most other 802.11ac solutions, the AP832 operates on 802.3af power, eliminating the need for costly Ethernet switch upgrades. Meru customers also report that 802.11n devices run up to 30 percent faster on the AP832 than on 802.11n access points.

"The additional capacity, coverage and device density-handling capability that the AP832 provides, makes a real difference in the way our guests use the onboard Wi-Fi network," said Greg Martin, IT director for Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. "We use Meru's AP832 as the primary onboard wireless access point. It easily handles the three or more mobile devices that each of our guests carry, along with streaming video and all the shipboard applications that we depend on."
"Students now typically have between three and five mobile devices with them, any or all of which they use for streaming voice and video, file transfer and other bandwidth-intensive applications," said João Paulo Cavaco, director of information services at the University of Lisbon. "The Meru AP832 helps us ensure that we have the capacity, in addition to the coverage, that we need to ensure that the students have a high-quality mobile experience anywhere on our campus."

802.11ac adoption will be driven by the quickly-growing number of mobile devices, the BYOD trend and high-bandwidth applications such as HD video, video conferencing and cloud-based services and storage. Adoption of devices such as smart phones and tablets supporting 802.11ac is growing quickly.

"As Wi-Fi becomes the primary access network for many schools, hospitals, hotels, and other businesses, the 1.3 Gbps-per-radio capacity of 802.11ac will enable Wi-Fi to deliver even more capacity to these enterprises," said Rohit Mehra, vice president, network infrastructure, IDC. "Meru's ability to support two 802.11ac radios operating at 80 MHz in the 5 GHz range on 802.3af power is very promising in giving customers the full benefit of the standard."

Wi-Fi Alliance Certification
The Meru AP832 has received Wi-Fi Alliance certification. The Wi-Fi Alliance's Wi-Fi CERTIFIED is a program for testing products to the 802.11 industry standards for interoperability, security, easy installation, and reliability. The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo is an assurance that the Wi-Fi Alliance has tested a product in numerous configurations and with a diverse sampling of other devices to ensure compatibility with other Wi-Fi CERTIFIED equipment that operates in the same frequency band.

"Our customers have been very enthusiastic about end-users' feedback on performance of their Meru 802.11ac networks since we launched the AP832 as a controlled release in July," said Manish Rai, vice president of corporate marketing at Meru. "We are eager to bring the benefits of the AP832 to the broader market with the general availability announced today."
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Addicted to Bacon and StarCrunches!!!
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'a leader in WiFi networking'

This is literally the first time I've heard of this company.
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AP832 operates on 802.3af power
interesting, most AC AP's operate on 802.3at(PoE+) which means you either need a compatible 48v power adapter or a new switch that can power it all together.
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The company's entry ;level access point is 200 dollars (no dual band). So this is prolly in the upper hundreds or low thousands.

These seem to be comparable to Cisco Meraki's approach as far as central features go, however Meraki does not need a controller and is cloud managed with remote management for the entire organization regardless of location of the APs. Meru has an option to not have a physical LAN controller, however you must still have dedicated hardware for it, as it is contained in a VMWware VM that needs to be run on a system.

It's easier to deploy Meraki's solution. Cisco Meraki also has built in RF management with a dedicated radio. I have an Meraki MR12 if anyone has any questions about it feel free to ask.
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Ah well thats a downer that you need to use their proprietary controller, at least the above or ubiquiti's products can operate on their own, i was looking for a decent AC AP that operates on "af" PoE 12-24v

my current setup is like this:
FTTH > Ubiquiti EdgeMAX PoE > UniFi AC, Security Camera, NAS

I did have to use a 48v adapter though.
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I think you can still use the Meru without a controller (I would contact them to make sure), however you won't get the centralized control and it's harder to manage a fleet of APs without it.
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wow you weren't kidding about the price, this product costs $1300, what a scam!!!!
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Thing is though, you have to note thier target, this is not for consumers that simply want wifi access... for consumer brand I recommend Amped Wireless, decent price and awesome hardware.

They released thier APA20 a lilttle bit ago and it can be had for 190USD. It does have a lot of features for a consumer grade AP.

Now for enterprises that need advanced controls like detailed client statistics, captive portals/splash pages, ability to charge for access, enforcing of anti-virus installed on clients, active directory based authentication, intrusion protection, multi-site management, detailed blocking of specific services like bittorrent/social media/etc, presence heatmaps, seemless roaming between APs (maintaining a single SSID for multiple APs), etc that's actually cheaper then a Cisco or Extreme Networks enterprise (Non meraki) AP. This would be within thier price range.

If Amped had these features It would be EPIC AWESOME SAUCE 9001!!!!

My Meraki MR12 is a 400 some dollar AP (not 802.11 ac though just n), however I got mine for free. it does have top notch features like the ones I indicated above, but its greatly overkill for home users and an un-needed expense for a home user.
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