Tuesday, November 26th 2013

EVGA Teases New Graphics Card Cooler

EVGA teased a new graphics card cooling solution it's working on. A picture showing its shroud in great detail, and possibly the company's color choices with its design, was posted on Instagram by Team EVGA, revealing a dual-slot cooler with a shroud that apes the carbon fiber pattern, a red secondary heatsink (to cool memory and VRM), and a split aluminium fin-stack primary heatsink, to which heat is fed by heat pipes. EVGA could deploy this cooler on some of its upcoming graphics cards. Given that we don't know what the GTX 780 Ti Classified from the company looks like this cooler may have found its launchpad.
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Looks like an ACX with the reinforcing baseplate anodized red and the plastic shroud wrapped with a vinyl appliqué (though presumably something much nicer than a simple wrap). Looks to have a black backplate as well.

ACX for comparison. EVGA/Geforce logos in the same spots, side on fins, baseplate screw hole in the same location etc....
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Give us a classified without EVBot, pretty please :3 :3 :3

Carbon fiber pattern makes it go faster, too.
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