Thursday, December 5th 2013

Antec Announces the Nineteen Hundred Gaming Case

Antec, a global leader in high-performance computer enclosures, power supplies, and mobile accessories announces today the Nineteen Hundred; a case engineered for performance and built to enclose the ultimate PC. The Nineteen Hundred is an unbeatable enclosure that delivers a combination of cooling, performance, and convenience and stands head and shoulders above the competition. Its aesthetics will appeal to gamers and enthusiasts who prefer a stylish, functional appearance. The exceptional gaming chassis will soon reach store shelves and online retail outlets in Europe with a MSRP of 284,- Euros.

The Nineteen Hundred features an exceptionally robust cooling system, designed to accommodate even the most demanding Gaming PCs. This system is composed of three 120 mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) front-intake fans, two 120 mm FDB top-exhaust fans and one 120mm FDB rear-exhaust fan. Two additional 120mm HDD fan mounts give builders the option to provide extra cooling to the graphic cards and the CPU. Furthermore, the Nineteen Hundred features 17 drive bays and nine expansion slots, accommodating graphic cards up to 330 mm (13.0 inches) in length. Additional features include an advanced GPU cooling system, dual-layer panel construction to minimize noise, and pre-installed silicone grommets to reduce vibration noise. The case is constructed of durable SECC steel that lasts for builds to come.
"The Nineteen Hundred builds on Antec's popular Gaming case design with even more cooling and capacity," said Jérôme François, Antec's European Sales Director. "With the Nineteen Hundred, we deliver an outstanding case for all gamers and PC builders looking for the best and biggest capacities."

With it's pioneering design and rock-solid construction, the Nineteen Hundred is the last word in ultimate PC builds.
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Doesn't look very modular inside which would mean this case will be shit for a watercooled build. May be ok I suppose for a server build.
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Sp33d Junki3
it is bad. Top part is the P280. All they did was add bottom for more drives.
Still uses 120mm fans in front and HDD cage which is still terrible.

Antec has lost any ideas on how to make there case functional, and more worse they can even compete anymore.
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John Doe
Their marketing is just silly, "The Nineteen Hundred is an unbeatable enclosure that delivers a combination of cooling, performance, and convenience and stands head and shoulders above the competition"? At their asking price of 284 euros is about the same price of a 900D on right now.

Heck, the Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 is better than this. It has 8 hdd trays as opposed to the 12 this case has, but you have modular hard drive trays, can accommodate a radiator in the front, and it features sound dampening foam to boot... and the Nanoxia was launched a year ago, AND it is about 100-110 euros.

"With IT'S pioneering design and rock-solid construction, the Nineteen Hundred is the last word in ultimate PC builds. " Antec, pull your head out your ass now. And get better proof-readers.

EDIT: If you don't need to have 12 hdd's, even the Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 is years ahead of this, especially when it comes to water cooling. At about 100 euros.
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Suddenly HAF Stacker makes a lot of sense now.
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How many gaming builds need 12 hard drives? This looks more like a server case optimized for NAS usage.
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Flagship case, outrageous price, fixed HDD cages? All that space, and only supports 1x240mm rad? I guess they haven't been paying attention to the market lately, as this has a feature set straight out of 2008 (if you disregard the USB 3.0 ports). At least the top looks like it will fit fat rads/push-pull fans, but 12 x 3.5 drives? Again, useful in 2008 when the largest HDDs were 1 TB, but the trend now is fewer 3.5 bays (how many 4 TB drives do you really need?), and removable cages for water cooling options. 6 premium fans included is nice, but still doesn't justify the high price, and all are 120mm. Also the color options are limited to green and red, like from the early days of the GPU wars, when nVidia fans would choose a green color scheme and ATI guys would go for red. As noted above by John Doe, there are many better cases available for half the money...
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hey antec....

you NEED to invest more into your engineering department
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This hdd mounting isn't very bad. If you want to see really bad mounting look at twelve hundred case
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No Antec, just no.
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Looks like a slightly upgraded version of my TJ07 and that case is 2007. I like the external looks, but the case seems behind the modern "curve". It's functional, just not innovative.
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You'd expect a case to be modular at that price.
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Way too expensive.

Does have some water cooling possibilities after adding some vents in the bottom section, but I can get a enthoo primo for less than that and not have to mod it.
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I think the 900 was the best bang for the buck Antec ever offered and those weren't even that good. I built one years and years ago and remember thinking that a lot of the design didn't make sense.
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shouldn't have been a gaming case it should have been a P series case with more sound deadening and no window
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Looks like an Enermax Ostrog.

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