Friday, December 20th 2013

Lian Li Releases the PC-Q33 Chassis

Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd, today announces a new brushed aluminum Mini-ITX chassis - PC-Q33 - with a flip-open design and space-efficient hardware support. The PC-Q33 provides plenty of working space for DIY builders. Builders can swing open the top and front panel of this brushed aluminum chassis providing easy access to the internal components.

At 18L, the PC-Q33 supports a tremendous amount of hardware for its size. Taking advantage of every available space Lian Li's latest brushed aluminum chassis accommodates CPU coolers up to 180mm (7.0") in height and ATX power supplies up to 200mm in length. The latest powerful low-profile graphics cards up to 220mm (8.6") easily fit inside the chassis.
The PC-Q33 has a versatile design for hard drive mounting. In the side HDD cage, two 3.5" drives or one 2.5" drive and 3.5" drive can be installed. This side HDD cage can be removed by unscrewing three thumbscrews. The front panel additionally allows for up to three 2.5" drives or one 3.5" HDD with two 2.5" drive.
The fully aluminum PC-Q33 supports 120mm radiators and AIO liquid cooling kits.

Tool-Less Installations and Features
The PC-Q33 has pop-off side panels for simplified installations, upgrades and maintenance. Hard drives, 3.5" and 2.5", can be tool-lessly mounted on the front panel with thumbscrews with rubber suspensions. Additionally, the expansion slots are secured by thumbscrews.

The I/O panel is located on the front bezel. Connections include two USB ports and HD audio.

Price and Availability
The PC-Q33 will be available at the end of December for the suggested retail price of USD 99.

PC-Q33 product information and detailed specifications, visit the product page.
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5 Comments on Lian Li Releases the PC-Q33 Chassis

100 bucks for that? LOL
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Semi-Retired Folder
Someone's taking some design idea's from Bitfenix.

Drone said:
100 bucks for that? LOL
For an mini-ITX this small and made of all metal, that really isn't an outrageous price.
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Preety looked open benchtable :p :)

Lian Li co it's like Noctua..they will never change their style.
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Seems pretty ideal for a compact system. I know it requires "unique" or "special" parts, but if you want a truly compact system scarifies and consideration am I right? Still not what I'm looking for :ohwell:
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newtekie1 said:
Someone's taking some design idea's from Bitfenix.

I was thinking Kenmore.
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