Monday, December 23rd 2013

Western Digital to Stop Shipping PATA Hard Drives

Western Digital is expected to end shipments of parallel-ATA (PATA or legacy ATA) hard drives from December 29, 2013. The company maintained a small lineup of PATA hard drives in its product stack, to cater to people with older laptops looking for hard drive upgrades, and whoever else may be using the old standard that was blasted into obsolescence exactly a decade ago, with the introduction of SATA and AHCI. Product discontinuation notifications (PDNs) for the company's last Caviar PATA hard drives, bearing model numbers WD800AAJB (80 GB), WD1600AAJB (160 GB), WD2500AAJB (250 GB), WD3200AAJB (320 GB), WD4000AAJB (400 GB), and WD5000AAJB (500 GB) were issued this may, soliciting the last orders from OEMs and distributors. The last of those orders will be fulfilled by the 29th, when the drives will enter end-of-life (EOL) state. The company will only honor active warranties from then on.

Source: Expreview
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I'm the only one
About time
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SaltyFish said:
AGP, floppy drives, CRTs, PCI (not Express), and now PATA.... what's left from the 1990s that's due up on the chopping block?
PS/2, VGA, USB, LPT, COM...even though the last one is still useful.

Oh! And ATX (motherboards, not PSUs) too, since µATX and ITX are viable now.

Ethernet will stick around for at least another decade...
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The Von Matrices
_JP_ said:
ATX (motherboards, not PSUs) too, since µATX and ITX are viable now.
You're definitely on the wrong track here. ATX motherboards still have a place in the market for people like me who need the expansion slots. However, ATX power supplies need a popular, smaller form factor alternative.

It's ridiculous that you can't build a SFF PC without either:

(1) having to give the case unnecessary bulk to accommodate an ATX power supply


(2) needing to use a proprietary power supply that comes with the case you want and is of questionable reliability with no ability to replace it with a power supply you actually want.

SFX and TFX power supplies do exist, but they're used in very few cases, and it's impossible to source one from a name brand supplier.
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But fewer and fewer consumers need those expansion slots, because most of what's on board is already enough. OEMs ship almost exclusively µATX boards.
And I'm saying this while being on the same boat, my board is also ATX and I still find use for the slots.
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