Wednesday, December 25th 2013

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from TechPowerUp!

We at TechPowerUp Wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! It's time to unwrap those shiny boxes under your trees! Aside from being the best time of the year to overclock, winter also marks some of the most important times of the year for the PC enthusiast community. We're barely off 31st night, and the 2014 International CES will be upon us. Hope to see you there. In the mean time, let's see some of those heavy, rumbling boxes!
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<--- Happy birthday to this guy in the picture, Armin van Buuren! :toast:
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Gaming Moderator
Those of us that don't have trees with shiny boxes underneath will just have to wait for the CES 2014 Booth Babes Review ;)
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Overclocked quantum bit
Merry Christmas everyone!
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Merry Christmas all guys & girls :)
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Merry Christmas TPU !!
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Merry Christmas to all! :D
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Merry Christmas from the farm lands, hope you enjoy your food!
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What happened to the XMAS logo?
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MT Alex
Merry Christmas from the mountains. Peace and joy to all.
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Merry Christmas! From the middle of indian ocean ^_^
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I finally get a reason to use this lol. :lovetpu:
Happy Holiday folks, hope everyone has fun.
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Merry Christmas TPUer's!!

I always have a reason to use this: :lovetpu:
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Happy holidays or just a good day to another TPU member. This community is the best I've every been a part of in my decade's-worth of "Internetting". I lucked on this place and couldn't be more thankful to have been so lucky in all honesty. This is the best place on the web to visit, the most supportive in respective issues to the PC, the most willing to help unlearn ignorance and teach real knowlege, the best of the best is right here. I'm not talking about the best OC-ers, the best used prices, the most of anything, the least of anything, but purely on a community--perspective plus having it all in the rest, it's like that perfect shoe, car, truck, internet package, significant other, etc. The shoe fits well here, always has and I feel will well into the future. I lurked for years before I joined and I've been around 7+ years now and that's my reflection on the TPU community. For me at least, better than the rest, by far.

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:peace:Merry Christmas :toast: :D :lovetpu:
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Sex Trade is legal in Canada so from all the HOHOHO `s Up here Merry Christmas And A Very HAPPY NEW YEAR!! with rub n tug .
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Merry Christmas to all :toast:
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err Bahh humbug?? lolz :p happy xmass one and all from the centre of the universeo_O:p
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Vanguard Beta Tester
caleb said:
What happened to the XMAS logo?
Somebody probably took offense o_O
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Merry Christmas and Happy New year ya'll!
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New wireless printer setup yesterday. Son got an ASUS T100 and loves it (so do I!)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years folks!
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Hey belated Merry Christmas to everybody! And Happy New year!
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