Tuesday, January 7th 2014

DisplayLink Launches industry leading USB 3.0 UHD 4K Chipset at CES 2014

DisplayLink, the leading provider of USB Graphics technology, today announced the official launch of its industry leading DL-5500 USB 3.0 chipset with support for 4K resolutions. The DL-5500 is the first member of the DL-5000 family, enabling users to expand their desktop / notebook workspace to take advantage of the latest Ultra High Definition monitors.

The new DL-5500 Universal Graphics Adapter chipset further expands DisplayLink's award winning technology, enabling users to expand existing notebooks / tablets or desktops to 4K (Ultra High Definition) over a single USB 3.0 Plug-and-display bus-powered connection. The solution is uniquely designed to flexibly expand existing DisplayLink enabled docking stations and adapters while maintaining a simple single USB connection to the host.

"The 4K monitor market is fast taking shape and offers productivity workers an unparalleled experience for viewing statistical data / spreadsheets / graphical data," said John Cummins, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing. "We're really excited to lead the industry with Ultra High Definition, 4K Graphics support to the portfolio. IT Managers and CIO's want to future proof their investments. Products based on the DL-5500 allow them to add support for 4K monitors using existing and future notebooks / tablets as long as they have a USB port. 4K over USB3 is here and it couldn't be easier to deploy."

"The easy way to 4K. 4K monitors have arrived and so have 4K USB docks and adapters with DisplayLink's latest chipsets," said Jon Peddie, President of Jon Peddie Research. "No special connectors or cables are needed. Just a USB3 connection to a DL-5500 enabled dock or adapter that is connected to a 4K monitor; download the latest DisplayLink driver, and its ready-to-go. A simple and easy way to get 4K."

The new DL-5500 chipset uniquely enables notebooks / tablets, whose core chipsets don't support Ultra High Definition, to connect out to 4K displays for productivity usage. This enables Ultrabooks and tablets to drive 4K TV's and monitors for presentation or business usage. The technology is based on DisplayLink's proven dynamic compression technology, which dynamically adjusts the compression based on bandwidth, throughput, and link status, making it the ideal for multi-purpose links like USB3.
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1 Comment on DisplayLink Launches industry leading USB 3.0 UHD 4K Chipset at CES 2014

It would appear that nobody except for me has noticed that

** the DL5500 is only capable of 3840x2160p30 **

This would appear to be a huge buzzkill as nobody would want to cripple their 3840x2160p display to 30Hz unless they have the 30Hz Dell 3840x2160p monitor. Intel Haswell can drive a QHD display over DisplayPort as seen in the Microsoft Surface Pro 2, so perhaps this adaptor would only be needed in exceptional circumstances because people who can afford QHD displays should have the high-end graphics to power them. But either way, this is an omission of important and relevant information.

If you are indeed aware of this, you should have published it because it is an important piece of information. If this information is not accurate and there are sources to suggest a 60Hz refresh rate, this inconsistency should have been discussed. If you are not aware of this, you should be doing more research before posting to a reputable technology website. Hence, in any of these possible scenarios, I have a point here.

Source: http://displaylink.com/pdf/DL-5500_Product_Brief.pdf on the last page in the table.
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