Monday, January 13th 2014

Cooler Master Shows Off 2nd Generation N520 CPU Cooler

Cooler Master displayed the second-generation of the N520 CPU cooler it launched way back in 2009, which it calls N520 II, at the 2014 International CES. The N520 II appears slightly bigger and chunkier. That's because the aluminium fins have higher surface area, and look more symmetrical. Designed for two-fan push-pull configurations, the heatsink puts the airflow between the two fans in alignment, unlike the original N520. The N520 II uses four 8 mm-thick copper heat pipes to convey heat from the CPU directly to the fin stack, while a stylish ABS shroud tops it off. The included 120 mm PWM-controllable spinner is held by a fan-mount that blends with the design scheme of the rest of the cooler.
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3 Comments on Cooler Master Shows Off 2nd Generation N520 CPU Cooler

too many plastic and the fan looks kinda harder to replace
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micropage7 said:
the fan looks kinda harder to replace
But they are durable. I have mine spinning for 6 years.

No issues at all. Happy New Year!
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The original N520 was the best air cooler that fits cases too narrow to accept a Hyper 212/Evo (most budget mid-towers), so this is a worthy update if it actually performs better. The price, however, is creeping towards budget LCS offerings, which is why I used a $55 Corsair H55 instead of the $40 N520 on my last build. As a bonus, it cools much better, is quieter, and has no clearance issues with RAM or video cards.
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