Friday, January 17th 2014

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Team Group's T136 Flash Drive

The year of the horse is coming in 2014. To celebrate the advent of the Lunar New Year, Team Group specially launches the T136, a souvenir UFD for the year of the horse. On the matte metal surface in a joyful tone, a classic galloping stead is painted in champagne blush to match the shiny orange, presenting a splendid and energetic temperament to mark the first strike of the hilarious year of the horse.

As a souvenir model for the year of the horse, the Team T136 is designed upon the striding image of a stead to vividly translate the energetic and splendid temperament into the UFD's appearance. In addition, it is a symbol of the T136: an integration of quality, capacity, price, and performance. Along with the rotation cap-free design and the joyful color, the superior performance and full capacity, thoughtful and smart design, users can enjoy every moment with technology products to relaxingly display self-confidence and heart-free transfer.
Blending traditional culture with modern fashion, the Team T136 allows you to demonstrate a majestic temperament for you to walk ahead of others all year round. Whether as a present or for personal collection, the Team T136 will bring you blessing, luck, fortune, and all the best in the year of the horse!

As a leading provider of memory storage products to the consumer market, Team Group is committed to providing the best storage, multimedia and data sharing solutions. All Team memory module products come with a lifetime warranty, repair and replacement services. For more information,please visit the Team website at

[B]Team T136 UFD Specification
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7 Comments on Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Team Group's T136 Flash Drive

In asian and I dont even care about chinese new year.
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Lunat!c said:
In asian and I dont even care about chinese new year.
I'm European and I don't care about Christmas.
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I'm Canadian and I DO care about maple syrup and bacon. :)
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Im a guy and I love beer and boobs.
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As long as it works well; anything could be on there.
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what happened to chinese new year
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so next year they gonna wipe the paint and paint a new character :roll::roll:
but anyway 32gb, nice big space in small size
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