Wednesday, February 5th 2014

Chieftec Rolls Out New Flyer Series Micro ATX PC Case

Chieftec has now made available a new mini tower PC chassis, a model codenamed FS-01B-U3 that is part of the company's Flyer Series. Seen below, the case measures 420 x 175 x 360 mm and features two 5.25-inch and two 3.5-inch drive bays, support for micro ATX motherboards and graphics cards up to 320 mm long, two front-facing USB 3.0 ports, and a pre-installed power supply.

The FS-01B-U3 with a 450 W PSU is selling for 68.40 Euro. The case has a two-year warranty.
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7 Comments on Chieftec Rolls Out New Flyer Series Micro ATX PC Case

It must be a slow news day for PC hardware, this looks like something out of the '90s (top-mounted PSU, unpainted interior, 80mm fan ports, exterior styling), only the USB 3.0 ports save it from being a total throwback. The power supply in the photo is 350 watts, not 450, and I would be afraid to run even a low-end video card with this questionable $25 PSU.
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yep.......totally slow news day......even the mantle flaming has sputtered out.......
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Usb 3.0 next to the floppy drive... he he. I wonder who the target market for this case is.
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TPU addict
WOW, and to think they used to make some real sweet cases. This is just trash.
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I didn't know chieftec still existed. They should make a 2014 edition of the old Alienware style case...with contemporary features. Retro, right?
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I wouldn't spend 25 cents for this thing. I'd rather run a set up on the side of a cereal box! :laugh:
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LOL u guys, this case is probably for business use, 350w is plenty (provided its a quality one).
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