Thursday, March 27th 2014

Micron Technology Joins OpenPOWER Foundation as a Platinum Member

Micron Technology, Inc., a leading provider of advanced memory and storage solutions for enterprise data centers and high-performance computing applications, today announced their platinum membership with the OpenPOWER Foundation, an open development community based on the POWER microprocessor architecture.

Micron joins a growing roster of technology organizations working collaboratively to build advanced server, networking, storage and acceleration technology. The OpenPOWER Foundation also works with industry-leading open source software aimed at delivering more choice, control and flexibility to developers of next-generation, hyperscale and cloud data centers. The OpenPOWER Foundation, announced in August 2013, makes POWER hardware and software available for open development for the first time and makes POWER intellectual property licensable to others, greatly expanding the ecosystem of innovators on the platform.

"Participating in the OpenPOWER Foundation provides a great opportunity for Micron to help drive a new and exciting collaborative development model," said Robert Feurle, Micron's vice president of marketing - compute & networking. "This technology platform will broaden innovation and create greater choice for our customers."

"The goal of the OpenPOWER Foundation is to open up the Power architecture in a way that fosters collaboration and accelerates new innovations in computing," said Doug Balog, General Manager, IBM Power Systems. "Micron's deep experience in memory and storage innovations will help the foundation reach this goal."

To learn more about OpenPOWER Foundation, please go to this page.
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2 Comments on Micron Technology Joins OpenPOWER Foundation as a Platinum Member

Hmm, so hmc for supercomputers. Fascinating to see what it will bring on server space too.
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I just hope that eventually one of these companies produces a consumer grade dev kit that isn't outrageously expensive.
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