Tuesday, April 22nd 2014

Cooler Master Announces CM Storm Sirus-C Gaming Headset

Cooler Master, an industry leading chassis, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer, today announces the release of the new Sirus C Gaming Headset. Built from the ground up with heart-pounding 2.2 channel sound, Sirus C delivers powerful sound as it carries on the legacy of the Sirus 5.1.

The Sirus C delivers earth-shaking 2.2 channel sound with a 44 mm main driver and a dedicated 40mm subwoofer/bass driver in each ear for explosive bass and crisp sound. A built-in USB Sound Card and Amplifier dramatically boosts signal power to make games, music and movies more immersive. In addition, the Sirus C is coupled with an in-line remote that grants access to volume adjustment, microphone mute, chat volume (console mode only), and PC / Console mode switching.
Constructed to deliver the perfect balance between comfort and style, the Sirus C features a futuristic design with a white LED lit logo and microphone and large comfortable cushions that sit around your ears and not on them, making long gaming sessions more satisfying. Adding to this comfort, the Sirus C is built to be a lightweight companion at only 465g that makes it more to keep on for hours of enjoyment.

The Sirus C will be available from May at a suggested retail price of € 84,95. Price and availability may vary by region.
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1 Comment on Cooler Master Announces CM Storm Sirus-C Gaming Headset

So roughly the same Sirus but without the extra faux leather cushions, no puck, white LED instead of Red, and slightly smaller drivers...not bad. I'd be interested to see how they perform. My Sirus is still going strong. Wonderful headset. One of the only ones which delivers true 5.1. Curious to see how the smaller drivers affect it.

But after using it over a year I can say the biggest weakpoint is the ear pads. Actually had to have CM replace the clips as when removing them to be cleaned, the plastic teeth broke. Replacement ones seem stronger so likely it was a design flaw in earlier versions. If you live in a hot climate, you want to be cleaning these things as the mesh pads start to smell like sweat after awhile. One of the gross little downsides of these headsets that isn't spoken of in reviews/etc.
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