Tuesday, May 6th 2014

Phanteks Debuts the Enthoo Pro Full Tower Chassis

Staying true to the Enthoo Series, Phanteks releases the Enthoo Pro. Phanteks' Enthoo Pro aimed at budget-conscious enthusiasts that doesn't want to compromise on features for price. Unleash unlimited possibilities with the budget-friendly Enthoo Pro.

To reduce cost while maintaining design, the Enthoo Pro comes with a textured exterior finish that mimics the appearance of brushed aluminium. Two models of the Enthoo Pro are available. PH-ES614P will include a window side panel that allows users to showcase their water-cooling or air-cooling setup. And for users that want the visibility of their setup hidden, the PH-ES614PC comes with a non-window side panel.
The Enthoo Pro's removable chassis allows more flexibility for the end user. Instead of using rivets the Enthoo Pro now features screws that can be easily removed. This allows the chassis to be taken apart for easy access and modding.

Embracing many features from the Enthoo Primo, both models will have multiple radiator support, removable SSD bracket, closed HDD panel, and Velcro cable management. Options for upgrading is possible with the vast array of accessories designed for the Enthoo Series.

Pricing and Availability
Available at most local retailers in May, 2014. The recommended retail prices are, Window $99.99 (PH-ES614P) and Non-Window $89.99 (PH-ES614PC)
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5 Comments on Phanteks Debuts the Enthoo Pro Full Tower Chassis

wow looks sleek n solid
love the design
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It looks great and the price is decent.
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It's a mid tower not full.
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It's a mid tower not full.
You are right, but the interesting thing is that even on guru3D it's listed as a full tower:
while bit-tech calls it a mid tower:
but the manufacturers site clears thing up a little bit:
Form factor: Full Size Mid Tower Chassis

EDIT: it is a full tower after all.
Here is a review by hardwarecanucks:
<div class="youtube-embed" data-id="cBhmn21ylkc"><img src="https://i.ytimg.com/vi/cBhmn21ylkc/hqdefault.jpg" /><div class="youtube-play"></div><a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBhmn21ylkc" target="_blank" class="youtube-title"></a></div>
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Where can I buy this chassis? Phanteks lists Amazon, Newegg, Tiger, and a few others on their official product page, but I cannot find a listing for it on any of them.
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