Thursday, May 8th 2014

Lian Li Launches the PC-Q01 Mini-ITX PC Chassis

Lian Li today announces a new brushed aluminum Mini-ITX chassis - PC-Q01. This compact case is designed for small office/home PC environments and features a tool-lessly removable L-shaped cover that makes installations effortless in space-confined ITX systems.

Take Advantage of Increasingly Efficient SFF Hardware
With its versatile storage capabilities, the 13.3L PC-Q01 provides ample space for hardware compatibility. Mini-ITX/Mini-DTX motherboards are supported, as well as double-slotted graphics cards and ATX power supplies up to 210 mm in length.
To provide maximum storage capabilities without compromising space, on both the side panel and case floor one 3.5" and one 2.5" or two 2.5" drives can be mounted, allowing for a total of 4 drives.

Passive or Fan Cooling
Ideal for a quiet office, the passively cooled PC-Q01 features vent holes on the side, rear, and bottom panels. For extra cooling, a 120/140 mm fan can be installed on the case floor in place of drives.

Price and Availability
The PC-Q01 will be available in black in Europe and the UK in the middle of May for the suggested retail prices of €49 / £39.

PC-Q01 Product Information and Detailed Specifications:
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7 Comments on Lian Li Launches the PC-Q01 Mini-ITX PC Chassis

The front panel is Blank™.
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Cool stuff. I saw this awhile ago when they posted in another forum looking for feedback on new designs.

New Z97/H97, M.2 SSD, and an MSI GTX 760 (or R9-270X if you prefer) and there ya go. Custom short wiring for the board and video and it would be SOOOOOOO cute.
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yeah nice, i like the design. but its small and has limited airflow
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Lian Li always seems like great quality. (Aluminum is the best!) I agree with micropage7 on the airflow limitation (at least it looks like it might be an issue).
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It may not be for the very high-end, but should allow for decent setups.

My wife's system is in a Q25, which is very similar to this case but 124mm longer. The heatsink just butts up against the power supply for cooling and it's enough to let the i5-3570 go all day under load at 3.6Ghz (4-core Turbo) along with her HD6850. Granted, there is one more fan in that case directly above that aids in cooling, but it spends most of it's time at mininum-rpm.

So I've been thinking since last night that I could go with a new Z97/H97, i5-4690 (or there about) and one of the MSI ITX-length video cards. If it struggles with temp, time to modify the case bottom for better airflow and fan.
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Ferrum Master
They should make a move and use 12V only design and use an external charger like laptops have...
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Ferrum Master said:
They should make a move and use 12V only design and use an external charger like laptops have...
Not so sure about the external brick- reference epxerience-> Alienware X51 - I'd rather have the brick inside, not to lug it around.
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