Friday, May 9th 2014

PANRAM Also Introduces the GT1 OTG Flash Drive

With the advent of smart phones and tablets, mobile devices became an unstoppable force in the global community. The generation where everybody owns multiple mobile devices has brought forth the popularity of related accessories. Responding to the demand, Panram Technology especially launched the Panram GT1 portable storage series (Go Travel - OTG drive), to provide consumers with more convenient sharing options. Without via transmission cable, data sharing is made easy and effortless.

The Panram OTG (On The Go) Drive - GT1 series upholds Panram's principle of using the best original memory chips under a meticulous production process, to provide consumers the best operating condition. The COB package design coordinates with both ends of the USB, flawlessly combing the USB 3.0 and Micro USB, for easy data sharing between the computer and the Android system.
Immediate access when inserted, simple to use with no installation program needed, the Panram GT1 joins the OTG function with portable storage devices (Pen Drive). This tiny USB provides diverse functions: under the USB 3.0 interface, the highest reading speed is up to 85 MB/20 MB(speed varies depending on hardware and software used), also carried in 16G/32G/64G fulfilling the various capacity needs of consumers, and the aluminum brush design and 3.2gram light weight, impeccably displays the GT1's stability and lithe form.
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