Tuesday, June 3rd 2014

MSI Goes Black and Green with its ECO Line of Motherboards

It what may look like MSI paying GIGABYTE back in its own coin (of copying color scheme and nomenclature), but is actually a completely different target market the company is going after; the new ECO line of motherboards by MSI offer essential feature-set to mainstream desktop builders, while cutting down greatly on redundant components, costly dyes, and over-the-top packaging materials. The boards also feature energy-efficient VRM designs, to cut power consumption down as much as the platform can allow. MSI unveiled three ECO products, the H81M ECO, the B85M ECO, and the H97M ECO.
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7 Comments on MSI Goes Black and Green with its ECO Line of Motherboards

so here where the green colour reside after gigabyte drop this colour scheme..anyway, that white do looks fugly.
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The color issue on mobos and AIBs is so foolish. I guess some folks just sit and look at the PC hardware all day and never actual use their PC... ;)
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The white PCB looks really good. I'mtired of brown/black PCBs.
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Hilux SSRG
White boards sell. Especially like the Cmos battery Eco sticker, super Eco!
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The white one is pretty cool looking in my opinion. Also funny with the green right after Gigabyte drops using it in their G1 Gaming series.
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