Thursday, June 5th 2014

Corsair HG10 VGA Liquid Cooling Adapter Spotted Working

Corsair's response to NZXT Kraken G10, the HG10 is an adapter that allows you to install Hydro series all-in-one CPU liquid coolers onto your GPU. We spotted a working demo at the company's suite, where it was shown taming a feisty Radeon R9 290X. Something tells us this accessory, will sell well, given that you're genuinely rewarded with extra performance for replacing your reference R9 290 and R9 290X cooling solution, with a better one. The R9 290X features a 95°C throttle, which the reference cooler is less than successful in keep the GPU away from. The HG10 is designed to work on most popular high-end graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA.
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5 Comments on Corsair HG10 VGA Liquid Cooling Adapter Spotted Working

Someone from Corsair surely saw the Red Mod and thought, "hey, that's actually pretty useful"
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It kinda sucks the fact that you need the stock blower fan. Some of us have custom air cooling on our cards and if we want to make the switch it will be impossible because the lack of the blower.
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it looks like just a concept design to gauge reaction, with the status of corsair and the quality of their product im sure it will get noticed and released as a sleek refined unit kinda like the NZXT Kraken G10. its a good move on corsairs part and would undoubtedly help them sell more AIO's
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Red-Mods and Kraken are a great and this is a nice progression of that, but still hesitent on what if any Corsair did extra to VRM section. Most find with the Red-Mods and Kacken the VRM cooling as the shortcoming, especially if you hope to OC. I would've hoped Corrsair have put more thought in this area of their design, but I think this will minc what we see in a normal stock cards abilities for taming the VRM's.
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Too bad these things will pretty much only work on reference cards judging by what I have read.
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