Thursday, June 5th 2014

AeroCool Unveils XPredator Cube in 5 Color Options

AeroCool unveiled the XPredator Cube line of cubical micro-ATX cases. Available in five color options - all black, black with a dash of red, black with a dash of orange, white with a dash of black, and red with a dash of beige; the XPredator Cube is 2-compartment case with room for a full-size micro-ATX motherboard, a standard size PSU, a 5.25-inch drive bay, and three 3.5-inch ones, which each convert to 2.5-inch bays. The case appears to be prepped for water cooling, with two 120 mm front intakes, a 120 mm rear exhaust, and 120 mm top exhausts. The case features an in-built 2-channel fan controller, two USB 3.0 front-panel ports, and HDA front-panel jacks.
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6 Comments on AeroCool Unveils XPredator Cube in 5 Color Options

I really really like cases where u can fit the MB horizontally. Like in this one or the DS.
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(Considering how huge the full tower versions are)
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nice but i dont like their dial knob, not match at all
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Does anyone else hate the name? Seriously? Combine the apparently always eXtreeeeeeeeeeeme X with one of those "Hunter" "Predator" "Terminator" "Robocop" 80's movies schticks, too?

It's like a lazy marketing guy's day off.
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