Thursday, June 5th 2014

Be Quiet Pure Rock CPU Cooler Pictured

Here are the first pictures of Be Quiet's Pure Rock entry-level tower-type CPU cooler, designed to give you a great bang for buck, under $50. The Pure Rock is a tower-type fan-heatsink, which begins with a nickel-plated copper base, from which four 8 mm thick copper heat pipes emerge, passing through a thick "double-H" shaped aluminium fin stack, topped off by a solid brushed aluminium fin. A Pure Wings 2 120 mm spinner comes included, which spins at 1,000 RPM, pushing up to 62 CFM of air. The cooler is compatible with most modern CPU socket types, including LGA2011, LGA115x, AM3+, and FM2+.
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I think the Scythe Mugen 4 cooler is the best price/peformance cooler out there for those who are planning on getting a decent overclock out of their CPUs. It's $45 here in Canda and it's on par both performance and quietness wise with the Noctua NH U12 S, which sells for $70 here.
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TPU addict
LOL, they kept the sticker LMFAO.. Dumb asses i could of guessed their be a sticker on it although i don't know how the finish is on it.

I wish there was a dumb ass award as this be in the top ten.
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