Wednesday, June 11th 2014

Dean "Kreij" Kortenhoven: 1959 - 2014

Dean "Kreij" Kortenhoven, our dear friend, and one of TechPowerUp's most respected community members, moderators, and contributors; who not only contributed to TechPowerUp, but also held a key editorial position in our sister publication NextPowerUp, passed away yesterday (Wednesday, early morning Central European Summer Time, Tuesday evening, Wisconsin USA local time). He passed away peacefully, in the august company of his family. He was 54.

A true cyber-citizen, Dean made his presence online strongly felt, in each forum post, each slap on the wrist as a moderator, and each richly worded article he wrote for our publications, despite constraints from a crawly satellite ISDN connection, which he joked, rather than complained about. It goes to show that willpower beats infrastructure, in an age where we're constantly surrounding ourselves with increasingly powerful infrastructure, often without pausing to ask ourselves, if we're able to make the most of what we have by empowering it with our wisdom and willpower, before moving onto something more powerful out of the box.

Dean also contributed to the Jeep online special interest group, and often talked about the benefits of the frugal, effective engineering Jeeps offer, in comparison to modern SUVs. Before we spun off GeneralNonsense, our off-topic forum, into a full- blown forum website, we remember Dean making motivational posts to cheer up fellow users who faced personal tragedies, or who were plain stressed out and needed a release, even if that came from someone sitting thousands of miles away. It enforced his personal belief - which we strongly share - that behind every gamer, and online forum member, is a human being, with human achievements and shortfalls, and that if the Internet marked a breakthrough in human evolution, it was because people powered it, not just websites.

Farewell, Dean "Kreij" Kortenhoven, we will miss you.
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Editor & Senior Moderator
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Unpaid Babysitter
Well said, he will indeed be missed :(
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You will be missed Dean(Kreij) :(
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Moderator & WCG-TPU Captain

His spirit will live on forever.....
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He gave me some fatherly advice that I will never forget...........RIP

Cherish every minute folks.
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The Knife in your Back
Very sad, my condolences. All I ever seen from him was helpful posts with the most polite manners. He was a great guy and will be missed by the community for sure.
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~Technological Technocrat~
First MKMods & now Krej... :cry::cry:

I thought he had been a little quiet recently. but I had no idea how much time had past since his last post.

He will be sorely missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and also to those in the communities that he deeply loved & touched that mourn his passing.

R.I.P Uncle Krej.
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The loss of his presence here will truly be felt.
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15th Warlock
My condolences to his family, even through his problems he kept a positive attitude, an example to follow for all of us, may he rest in peace :(
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He was certainly a friendly guy. I'm definitely going to miss having him around.
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R.I.P. Kreij and best wishes family ✞
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wow man:(, I with the best to his family and close friends, Kreij was an awesome guy and a major help to many people here, and I will miss him, I will truly miss him.
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Very sad, will miss you Kreij. Will see you in Heaven!
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Dammit "Uncle" Kreij. You look like you really could be everyone's uncle here >_<
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Do you have a plan to us know if something happens to you? Obviously @Kreij did, and from what I'm hearing about him, that's no surprise. Others that I have known have just disappeared, like @stanhemi (we knew he had a tumor) and @popswala.
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The Watchful Moderator
Dean's family will be in my prayers. He will be missed:(
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Creator Solaris Utility DVD
I am going to miss him alot what a stand up man. Thanks for everything Kreij I enjoyed our conversations.
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Thank you Dean for your contributions, you will be missed.

Very well written eulogy BTW.
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It is always sad when a Friend passes. Kreij/Dean was a Friend to all of us here, and on the Nonsense site.

I choose to remember all the good things; His solid advice, his consistently friendly tone and his ability to convey his sense of humor through the virtual wall of online forums.

:rockout: Rock on Kreji!!
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God bless him in the other life and the next!
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oh. fuck. :(
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MT Alex
Prayers and best wishes to your family, wise fellow.

Dean had a wonderful grasp of the English language, and always served as a strong and calming influence.
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Knows what makes you tick
Damn it, this sucks. I can honestly say that he made a difference in my life. RIP Dean.
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My condolences to his family and friends.
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