Tuesday, June 24th 2014

Lian Li Announces New Brushed Aluminum Mini-ITX Chasis – PC-Q01

Lian-Li today announces a new brushed aluminum Mini-ITX chassis - PC-Q01. This compact case is designed for small office/home PC environments and features a tool-lessly removable L-shaped cover that makes installations effortless in space-confined ITX systems. With its versatile storage capabilities, the 13.3L PC-Q01 provides ample space for hardware compatibility. Mini-ITX/Mini-DTX motherboards are supported, as well as double-slotted graphics cards and ATX power supplies up to 210 in length. To provide maximum storage capabilities without compromising space, on both the side panel and case floor one 3.5" and one 2.5" or two 2.5" drives can be mounted, allowing for a total of 4 drives.
Passive or Fan Cooling
Ideal for a quiet office, the passively cooled PC-Q01 features vent holes on the side, rear, and bottom panels. For extra cooling, a 120/140mm fan can be installed on the case floor in place of drives.

Price and Availability
The PC-Q01 will be available in black in the US in early June for the suggested retail prices of $64.

PC-Q01 Product Information and Detailed Specifications can be found here.
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4 Comments on Lian Li Announces New Brushed Aluminum Mini-ITX Chasis – PC-Q01

I do not get it - why you need halfass passive cooled case with big ass ATX psu space? if you put in big ATX psu and components that can utilize that power - then you need you need places for fans and holes for airflow or else everything inside will be fried passively (now I see why they are using word "passively" :D) . and PC with no harddrives (cuz I will utilize that space with 140mm fan) is just not cool (in many meanings)
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I'm dead tired of Lian Li putting out "ATX PSU over the CPU" cases.
My PC-Q08r is the same design and it's just a bad thermal design.

My "moving the PSU modd" idea is still the road ahead of me.
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TPU addict
Shame they went for looks over cooling, they really should of made it for the more common designed psu and put a grill on the side so the psu could take air from outside the case.
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Oh good, this is the real announcement. Not that fake announcement a couple months back that had me on the lookout for it in stores ;)

I have a Q25, so of course I like the Q01 as it shortens the depth by quite a bit. Geminii S524 was a perfect fit with the 80mm cooler height of the Q25. The Q01 has 90mm so I'll either find a slightly taller cooler or just use a spacer on the PSU so they butt-up.

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