Wednesday, July 16th 2014

SilentiumPC Introduces the Infantis LP812 Low Profile CPU Cooler

SilentiumPC has this week released a new CPU cooling solution, the HTPC-friendly Infantis LP812 which is only 29.5 mm tall and can be used with LGA775/LGA1150/LGA1156/LGA1155 processors boasting a TDP of up to 65 W.

SilentiumPC's cooler weighs 150 grams and has an aluminum heatsink with two 6 mm copper heatpipes, a copper base and an 80 mm Hydraulic bearing fan working at 600 to 3000 RPM. Infantis LP812 is selling for 59 PLN (~ 19 USD / 14 Euro).
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5 Comments on SilentiumPC Introduces the Infantis LP812 Low Profile CPU Cooler

I wish 88W TPD can do but will not. Will be for other than small low-cost solutions, and little better than a donated piece of aluminum addition to the processor !If it was made of copper all , cood handle more than 65 TPD .
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They lost me when i saw the Pushpins.

I would get a Noctua NH-L9 instead.
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600 RPM, but low profile steel/alu rather than copper means that thing will be revving up off idle pretty quickly, and at 3000RPM that's noisy.
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Ack, pushpins. The evil! :fear:
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