Monday, July 28th 2014

PNY Announces the Coin Sized Micro M2 Flash Drive

PNY Technologies ("PNY) considered one of the worldwide leaders in consumer electronics market and memory products, PNY technologies, is pleased to announce the release of their smallest USB flash drive, the Micro M2. This pint-sized USB is extremely small and compact, no bigger than the size of a coin. As the name suggests this is indeed a tiny size USB drive weighing only 1.8 gram with the height of 18 mm thus making it the ideal storage device for all the documents, music, documents and more. It comes in a high quality casing of metallic texture, making it resilient to scratches and dust.

It is finished off with a matte finish look to prevent fingerprints. Its portability is enhanced with a lanyard loop opening located at the head of the USB, which can be attached to key chains, bags and other accessories. The cap-less design makes it convenient to use and you do not need to take the cap on or off anymore. Its ultra-small and compact size fits discretely into laptops, notebooks, tablet PCs and other portable devices without getting in the way in general use.
The Micro M2 is available in storage capacities of 4GB up to 64 GB and offers 10 MB/ sec write and 32MB/ sec read transfer speed. It is operational with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and Mac OS: 10.3 and above. It is backed up with a limited warranty of 5 years, perfectly suited for your summer budget buys and convenience.
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TPU addict
About time lol. Tiny usb flash drives have been on sale in Walmart for ever lol.
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Had one years ago when everyone else were still using gigantic sticks. Used in in car USB stereo, so it wasn't sticking out, but it looked like a part of the dashboard. When it broke dowen, i've disassambled it and took out the microSD card that was inside. And i still use one, just larger (Sandisk Fit). I'm guessing all these tiny ones use microSD card inside.
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