Wednesday, August 13th 2014

Digital Storm Announces the VELOX Gaming PC

Digital Storm is excited to unveil VELOX, an enthusiast level machine engineered to shatter benchmarks and blow the doors off the most demanding next-gen games. The system's aggressively designed chassis is perfect for showcasing high-end components and maximizing airflow.

The new mid-sized system complements Digital Storm's award-wining small form factor PC, BOLT II, and the massive AVENTUM II. Like the other models, VELOX features the forged steel and exotic cooling elements that have become synonymous with the brand.
"VELOX completes our enthusiast level offering," said Harjit Chana, Chief Brand Officer. "We leveraged our experiences with AVENTUM II and BOLT II to create a unique mid-size system gamers are sure to love."

VELOX's raw power is supported with a brilliant airflow design that features vented panels on all sides and dedicated front intakes positioned as close to heat sensitive components as possible.

Digital Storm's new Hardline H2O cooling solution works in tandem VELOX's smart airflow design to keep VELOX running ice cold no matter what the situation. Bold acrylic tubing delivers cooling liquid to high-performance components and matches the system's aggressive look.

The company's proprietary Hydrolux control software provides enthusiasts with complete control of VELOX's cooling system and chassis. This includes detailed temperature graphs, thermal linked LED lighting and automated airflow optimization.

VELOX starts at $2,108 and is available exclusively at
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2 Comments on Digital Storm Announces the VELOX Gaming PC

ROG swift next to the CPU..hint hint.... can't wait!
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Anyone know the case they are using... just for them or can I buy it and build my own?
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