Thursday, August 28th 2014

PowerColor Radeon R7 250XE Japan-Exclusive Graphics Card

TUL Corporation, a leading manufacturer of AMD graphic cards, today introduces a unique exclusive model for Japan, the PowerColor R7 250XE. The "E" represents the meaning of "Eco"; the brand-new R7 250X features no need for external power, saves more energy yet delivers the best performance out of its class. Moreover, PowerColor R7 250XE is designed in low-profile, saving lot of space in your case, making it a excellent choice for users who search for powerful, lower power requirements as well as quieter VGA card.

The R7 250XE runs the clock speeds up to 860MHz for the core and 1125MHz for the memory, delivering the best performance in its class. Also, use a 128-bit memory interface and 1GB of GDDR5 memory, allows more bandwidth for demanding DirectX 11.2 gaming title. What's more, the new model is packed with a total of 1120 stream processors, delivering massively parallel computing power for graphics and other accelerated applications.
PowerColor R7 250XE is successfully introduced with bunches of innovative technologies. With Mantle support, game developers can get the unparalleled access to the GPU core, and bring a brand new way of looking at the world of digital gaming. By using the AMD CrossfireTM technology, users can get exceptional performance scaling with a second GPU. The AMD Power Management technologies combine AMD PowerTune technology and AMD ZeroCore Power technology, delivering intelligent power monitoring and allowing GPU to consume virtually no power when in idle mode.
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3 Comments on PowerColor Radeon R7 250XE Japan-Exclusive Graphics Card

Sempron Guy
I don't get why make this as country exclusive. This could challenge the 750 series in efficiency.
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Sempron Guy said:
I don't get why make this as country exclusive. This could challenge the 750 series in efficiency.
The 250X (and XE) are downclocked HD 7770's - why would they suddenly be performance kings?
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Would be great if it was a world-wide offering, as it being a half-height and single slot and hinted from other sites as being a lower cost (~$80) it would be a fine option for those looking for value. Sure not a super-efficient which is super nice in such HTPC or such builds, but with ZeroCore it pulls in a lot of its' efficiency when sitting doing nothing. While gaming there's not going to be much difference in actual "immersion" if running some 1080p TV panel.

The hope would be an offering like this mainstream in the channel, would intensify Nvidia's AIB's to really get to offering 750's more in such petite configurations. I think there's like two half-height GTX750 (at least in the USA) and the one Gigabyte is still a dual slot with fan. I for one hope this gets into more markets and infuses this level performance for more media-center and micro-builds. Sure it requires power when gaming (and B-Ray) but at least if it did really hit the markets it would give builders another option, while optimistically not exorbitant on the budget.
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