Wednesday, September 3rd 2014

Toshiba Canvio AeroMobile Wireless SSD Launches in Europe

Toshiba Europe GmbH (TEG) Storage Peripherals Division today announces the launch of the Canvio AeroMobile wireless SSD, combining the convenience and capacity of portable storage with the durability and performance of solid state drives. The pocket-sized SSD has integrated wireless functionality and a high-speed USB 3.0 port, allowing you to transfer your precious data seamlessly between up to eight devices at a time - wherever you are.

Available in light gold, the stylish Canvio AeroMobile is the must-have central storage hub for your smartphone, laptop, tablet and PC. Offering 128 GB of storage, the SSD comes with expanded memory via the built-in SD card slot - doubling as a backup solution for your holiday snaps, family videos and personal data. For added peace of mind, SSD technology resists shocks and vibrations better than conventional drives and the improved battery life allows for up to 8 hours of continuous video streaming.
With a light and compact design, the Canvio AeroMobile wireless SSD is small enough to carry in your pocket so you can quickly store, share and stream your digital treasures with ease, making it your own personal cloud to carry with you all the time and ensure your data, whether it is for work or play, is supported. Download the Toshiba Wireless SSD app for your Android or iOS mobile device and browse, save or stream files on the move. The Internet Pass-Thru Mode also means browsing the web and accessing the Canvio AeroMobile wireless SSD can be done simultaneously.

Arnaud Bonvarlet, General Manager, Storage Peripherals Division, Toshiba Europe GmbH said: "With so many ways for consumers to capture and share the world around them the ability to backup, protect and access content with ease is becoming increasingly important. The Canvio AeroMobile wireless SSD has been created to give extra freedom when storing and sharing data, with the added reassurance that precious memories are safely backed up."

The Canvio AeroMobile wireless SSD offers up to 8 hours of continuous play battery life and is compatible with Microsoft Windows 8.1, 8 and 7, Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.8, iOS version 5.1 to 7 and Android version 2.3 to 4.2 and will retail at £119.00.
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