Thursday, December 18th 2014

Lian Li Launches O Series Wall-Mountable Chassis

Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd, today launches the O Series open-air, wall-mountable chassis: PC-O5, PC-O5S, PC-O6S and PC-O7S. Previewed to the worldwide technology community in its prototype stage, the O Series chassis final design reflect the feedback of the DIY community, and feature oversized tempered glass windows, a PCI riser cards, and sleek aluminum construction.

The new O series includes four chassis: the mini-ITX PC-O5, the mini-ITX PC-O5S, the micro-ATX PC-O6S, and the ATX PC-O7S. These aluminum constructed cases all feature a similar design and aesthetic differing in their hardware compatibility. Through the oversized tempered glass window, onlookers can see the entire build unrestricted. Graphics cards are installed parallel to the motherboard, keeping the chassis slim, thanks to the included PCI riser card and extension. A black anodized aluminum shield covers the hard drive cage to keep a super clean look.
Customizable Storage Options
The O Series chassis give builders several options for storage installation. Hard drives can be mounted in the hard drive cage, hidden by an anodized aluminum shield, directly mounted on the motherboard tray, or installed on a removable bracket behind the motherboard.

Water Cooling Support
The PC-O5S, PC-O6S, and PC-O7S support AIO water cooling systems. The "S" suffix in the aforementioned models denotes water cooling compatibility. The PC-O5S supports radiators up to 240mm, while the PC-O6S and PC-O7S supports 360mm radiators.

Versatile Placement
The O Series cases can be mounted to the wall, placed on a desk in the vertical position using the included aluminum stand with rubber grip, or arranged horizontally on four attachable feet with rubber padding.

Product Features of the O Series Chassis: PC-O5, PC-O5S, PC-O6S, PC-O7S
  • Open-Air Chassis
  • Oversized tempered glass panel
  • Wall-mountable
  • Can be placed in a vertical or horizontal position on a desk
  • Some models with AIO water cooling support: PC-O5S, PC-O6S, PC-O7S
  • Aluminum construction
  • MSRP:
    o PC-O5: $ 289
    o PC-O5S: $ 319
    o PC-O6S: $ 379
    o PC-O7S: $ 419
  • Available soon in the US in February
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8 Comments on Lian Li Launches O Series Wall-Mountable Chassis

It is cool. The sad is the cheapest model will cost almost $600 USD for me.

But considering it is a kind of purchase you make once in life or when the manufacturers invent a new form factor, it is worth! :)
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This must be for people who are bored. I can't think of many reasons to hang a PC on a wall or to buy these PC cases, but if they work for you, great.
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Seems they did listen to some feedback.
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Do they come with the fancy red lights? :laugh:
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Now make D-8000 version which can be fixed to the wall. I'll take 2 of those. :) (but without useless LEDs and other trivial additions).
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I'd be more impressed if I could mount it to the wall and then mount a TV to the front of it. That'd be awesome for a semi-hidden media center.
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but without useless LEDs and other trivial additions
+1. I dislike LED in computer accessories (case, fans, keyboard, mouse, graphics card, PSU...).
I'd be more impressed if I could mount it to the wall and then mount a TV to the front of it.
Great idea! The only problem would be to handle the weight of the TV, I guess.
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