Monday, June 8th 2015

Cooler Master MasterPower PSUs Pictured

Cooler Master showed off the first of many from the MasterPower line of smart-PSUs. Built to offer 80 Plus Titanium efficiency, fully modular cabling, a fan that begins to spin only beyond a load/temperature threshold, and an interface with your PC that lets you monitor the unit not only over your desktop, but also using your smartphones or tablets. The PSU will come in several high-Wattage variants, the ones pictured here are the 1000W unit, and another 1200W unit installed in a MasterCase build with MasterLiquid cooling. The company is giving final touches to an even bigger 1500W variant.
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3 Comments on Cooler Master MasterPower PSUs Pictured

They are gonna cost an arm and a leg, aren't they?
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Interface looks a wee bit blah. OK a lot blah. :eek:
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They also released the MasterSock, a fanboy must-have for Masterbating.
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