Tuesday, June 23rd 2015

DeepCool Intros GamerStorm TriStellar SW with Tempered Glass Panels

DeepCool's quirky yet desirable TriStellar three-chambered mini-ITX case, which made its debut with CyberPowerPC Trinity, and then as a standalone case, now comes in a new variant, called Tristellar SW, that features tempered glass panels on three sides, for its top chamber, which houses your graphics card, and three 3.5-inch drive bays. Consistent with DeepCool's GamerStorm Nephrite ITX in function, the tempered glass panels let you flaunt whatever high-end / modded beast you have, running underneath them. The three panels are mounted along the chassis, with four thumb-screws, each. The rest of its feature-set is identical. The company didn't announce pricing or availability info.
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Regular Panels:
  • Net Case Weight: 16 KG / Gross Weight: 19 KG
  • Slows target in looking range
  • + 7 % cooling capacity
  • - 15% melee dmg taken
  • - 15% range dmg taken
Glass Panels:
  • + 2 KG constitution
  • + 35 % awesomeness
  • + 75 % faster look rate
  • + 15 % fire resistance
  • + 5% experience gain
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just no, i prefer like m1, just the small compact case
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Heh pricing...judging from the price of a standard version...with glass...yeah, still too high.
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That is quite a nice addition, really adds to the case being able to see the GPU at the top and with the glass the way it is. This is a welcomed improvement on the case!!!

Now if only they could do a MATX version that would be amazing!
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Jul 1st, 2022 18:48 EDT change timezone

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