Thursday, December 14th 2006

Personalised ads find their way to mobile TV

Personalised advertising seems to be the new phase in technology, with a small number of games, namely Battlefield 2142, taking advantage of this. Now mobile TV broadcasters in Norway are giving personalised advertising a try for two months, which could soon find its way to other countries if it proves a success. It seems to work by tracking your location and sends relevant ads that may be related to local shops and services. Although some people will find it intrusive, it could potentially lead to cheaper mobile TV prices.Source: BBC News
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Something tells me the title for this article is wrong...
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Jimmy 2004
newtekie1 said:
Something tells me the title for this article is wrong...
Yeah, forgot to change it from the last article. Thanks for letting me know! :toast:
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it only makes sense to do least in the ad wherever you can however you can....we see it on the streets, in bathroom, at bars, wherever we go...

i remember a few years ago when a company gave away free long distance, but you had to listen to ads first...

same with tv now, you do a pay-per-view or on demand rental and the first thing you get is an ad...

if it makes things cheaper then great..but it would be nice to have the option to not see the ads...maybe a $5-$10 addition to your bill per month to not have them...another way they can make money right there....:rockout:
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I haven't spot any add in Battlefield 2142 and I have 134h played time, much use they are for the ones who pay them :D And if someone wonder why? I'm usually quite busy keeping my eye on the horizon for enemies or in actual enemies, no time for eyes to wonder in adds.

Wonder if they got this idea from The Island (or some other scifi movie, can't remember), that had billboard adds that changed while a person was walking past them to personalized ones. Hope it doesn't go that far, but best way to get rid off adds would be not to buy anything that is advertised (kinda hard :D). Not buying a mobile TV 'ever', so doesn't really bother.
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