Monday, January 4th 2016

Corsair Launches High-Performance Carbide 400Q and 400C PC Cases at CES 2016

Corsair, a world leader in enthusiast PC hardware and components, today announced the new Corsair Carbide 400Q and Carbide 400C high-performance PC cases. The Carbide 400Q and Carbide 400C are engineered to pack performance and expandability into beautifully compact mid-tower case designs. The 400C puts your PC's components on display through a stunning full size windowed side panel, while the 400Q features an interior lined with sound-damping material to minimize noise. In both the 400Q and 400C, Direct Airflow technology ensures unimpeded flow of cool air to your PC's hottest components.

The Carbide Quiet 400Q and Carbide Clear 400C are both easy to build in, easy to clean, and liquid cooling capable. Tool-free drive installation, easy-access side-panels and tons of cable routing options mean PC enthusiasts can spend less time building a PC and more time using it. Dust filters are easily accessible to cut cleaning time down to a minimum and two modular and refined PSU and 3.5" bay covers make it easy to conceal cables and drives. The 400Q and 400C both feature room for up to a 360mm radiator in front, a 240mm radiator on top, and a 120mm radiator in the rear, and Direct Airflow technology directs air to the hottest components from two included Corsair AF series fans (1 x AF140L intake, 1 x AF120L exhaust). Despite their compact mid-tower dimensions, the 400Q and 400C can house a full ATX motherboard and multiple GPUs if expansion is desired, making them as capable as they are beautiful.

With its multi-layer, sound-damping panels and streamlined interior, the Carbide 400Q is a compact and quiet ATX case. Sound-damping material placed on the front panel, side panels and top panel quietens even the noisiest internal components.

Carbide Clear 400C
The Carbide 400C packs high performance into a clear and compact case design. A gorgeous full size side panel window provides an unobstructed view into the case that's ideal to show off your PC's components. The all-steel exterior front and top panels complement the design with clean, modern lines.

Available in early February 2016 for $99.99 MSRP from Corsair's worldwide network of retailers and distributors, the Carbide 400Q and Carbide 400C are backed by a comprehensive two-year warranty and Corsair's worldwide customer support network.

Carbide 400C and Carbide 400Q
  • Clean, modern lines with an all-steel exterior: Get rid of those plastic cases - the 400C and 400Q have full steel front and top panels for extra durability and stunning looks.
  • Compact design, full size capabilities: Despite the 400C and 400Q's compact dimensions, they can house a full ATX motherboard and multiple GPUs.
  • Direct Airflow Path: One way to reduce noise is to make sure fans don't work harder than they have to. By removing the drive cages behind the intake fans, the 400C and 400Q provide a more efficient direct airflow path to the hottest components, the CPU and GPU.
  • Liquid cooling capable: With room for up to a 360mm radiator in front, a 240mm radiator on top, and a 120mm radiator in rear, the 400C and 400Q can mount a wide range of Corsair Hydro-series liquid coolers.
  • Two AF series fans: Corsair-exclusive AF120L and AF140L fans efficiently draw ample cool air directly to components without the turbulence that can cause fan hum.
  • Easy to Build: Tool-free drive installation, side panel access, and tons of cable routing options and tie downs means less time spent building a PC and more time using it.
  • PSU and 3.5" Bay Cover: It's easy to tidy the inside of the case by placing cables and drives behind two modular, clean, and refined PSU and 3.5" bay covers.
  • Easy to Clean: Easily access dust filters on front, top, and bottom mean it'll never take more than a minute getting dust out of the system.
Carbide 400Q Only
  • Silenced panels for quiet operation: Sound damping material placed on the front panel, side panels, and top panel reduces component noise.
Carbide 400C Only
  • Hinged and latched full side-panel window: Components are easily accessible and when closed, every part of the build is visible through the full side-panel window.
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15 Comments on Corsair Launches High-Performance Carbide 400Q and 400C PC Cases at CES 2016

Nice, I like that edge to edge window on the Carbide Clear. After seeing the In-Win 901 and other beautiful full/large window cases I'm going 'big and bold' or no window at all.
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looks clear and also a little tight ...but i like the window one.... the other looks like a safe box.... :confused:
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That windows is almost nice... then the HANDLE takes burns my eyes a little! why the handle???

clean case otherwise
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I like it, my next case!
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Ferrum Master
Uhh... the plastic behind the case looks ugly and poor quality. (I guess the SSD Tray)
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Chaitanya said:
clone of Nzxt Source.
well.... footstands and window are pretty different, also vents on front sides.... but its almost same scheme ...
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Ferrum Master said:
Uhh... the plastic behind the case looks ugly and poor quality. (I guess the SSD Tray)
What does it matter? Nobody's ever gonna see that part.
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Sp33d Junki3
So much for design at Corsair. I do not know why they do the things they do?
PSU cover hole is in wrong spot.
If you move the HDD cage over, you will part of the cage, as the cover can not slide over.
The SSD mounting is too thick and can not be made to use 1 or 2. Have to mod it.
The front panel, you have to take both side panels off to remove it.

Compared to the S340 which is easier. The price Corsair wants, you can get the better built and design of the Fractal Define S for the same price.

Think Corsair has lost it's edge and time to replace Corsair George from the lead design team.
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Looks like a work horse to me from functional perspective and a tool shed from visual one. Large stable feet. Large comfortable handle, huge ventilation gaps. It will do the job you picked it up for. It speaks business to me. If I need some serious hardware, this thing will do the job. Not so much if I want elegant - at least not to my definition of elegant ( FT02B and InWin S-frame for reference here ;) )
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The "big" manufacturers seem to be out of ideas, they are now releasing copies... If you want a nice case, may I suggest the Jonsbo UMX4, it even has a windowed version that shows the way a window should be incorporated in a case.
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To be honest looks like worse version of Define S.
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Kurt Maverick
Hiryougan said:
To be honest looks like worse version of Define S.
I prefer Corsair's version. The Define S has those decorations at it's squares where dust can accumulate and it's a pain to clean up, where Corsair's is completely flat. No dust, no problem.
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How exactly is a PC case "high performance" it literally doesn't "DO" anything but house your components. Yes some cases are BETTER than others, and have better air flow, or have more room for custom water cooling, or have some nice feature a user might be looking for their needs, but a case isn't classified by it's "performance" but by it's functionality. This is just stupid marketing terminology, next these marketing jerks will claim "...the next generation of overclocked cases!"
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i like the frame, looks pretty solid but the plastic tray? just no for that
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